Nintendo Switch Patent Reveals Joy-Con Touch Pen Attachment


Nintendo is preparing for a major update with its Joy-Con Controller. Today, Nintendo’s official patent reveals that the company is planning to offer a new touch pen attachment to the main Joy-Con Controller. The controller to feature a built-in stylus to make use of the touch screen easily.

A newly-filed patent revealed the actual design and the new stylus or touch pen’s attachment to the main controller. The touch pen attachment comes as a built-in tool and not a separate one.

Based on the patent filed by Nintendo at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the Joy-Con controller will vibrate when the pen comes into contact with an on-screen object. Apart from this, when a user draws a thin line on the screen, he will be able to customize the line by using the button of the controller. Instead of starting from scratch, you can do the same work in less time with the built-in stylus or a touch screen pen.

We have already seen a lot of touch-screen based games from Nintendo in the past. We know a little bit about how this new touch-screen pen would work with the games; however, this is just a patent and we do not have any official information about the same.

The actual patent was filed by Nintendo in mid-2019 and it goes public on January 16, a few days ago. In another illustration, the Joy-con’s HD rumble function also appeared. Whenever a player touches anything on the screen, it will send a notification to the controller.

Nintendo is not bringing up the stylus or touch screen pen for the first time, in fact, the company has been providing the same touch screen pens for their consoles. Joy-con controller is getting it for the first time and that’s what makes everyone amazed.

Nintendo’s handheld consoles such as DS, 3DS, and Wii U are already compatible with the touch pens. So there’s nothing new to the company to bring such a tool or attachment for the real users. We would get to see more information about the new stylus pen in the coming days.

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