Nintendo Reveals Two New Characters of the Fire Emblem: Tree Houses


Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have recently introduced two new characters to the popular Fire Emblem: Tree House game. They have officially expanded the set of characters of the game and from now, the players would be getting extra characters to explore the gameplay. Leah and The Legendary Knight Jeralt.

Reah a lady character carrying a gentle motherly nature. She is indeed a strict and fall mouth lady whenever someone opposes the church. Kikuko Inoue has offered her voice to this character who is a popular voice-over artist and featured in many other popular titles of different games.

The second character is the Legendary Knight Jeralt. Jaralt is the main protagonist’s father in the game. In the past, he was a leader of the knight of Seiros and was also known as the strongest knight of the game. Well, the character is back now and you will soon be able to explore the game with this strongest man.

Jeralt’s Character is voiced by Akio Otsuka who is an actor. He has also given his voice in many popular characters of the games.

If we talk about the Fire Emblem: Tree Houses game, you will be playing any of the available characters as a mercenary, either male or female. You will have a number of character options to choose from. You can pick the one which suits better accordingly from the game.

There will be three mighty houses in the game Black Eagles, Blue Lions, Golden Deer. And the character you are playing will be invited to teach one of officers academy’s mighty house. In a nutshell, you will be playing the character of a Professor for the students of the mighty houses.

Your duty is to improve their knowledge and make them compatible with this world. Make them strong enough as they will indulge in turn-based tactical role-playing battles. You will have all the controls while battling with these characters in the fight mode. So the gameplay would be more exciting for you as you go through it. You will never feel bored after playing this game as it is full of excitement.

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