New Twitter Beta App will be Available Soon for some Selected Users


Twitter, one of the most popular social media platform with over 328 million worldwide active users is soon going to launch a Beta Program. Although it has been one of the most popular social media platform worldwide, it faces some issues and challenges regarding its features and its user-interface. So, to fix over the issues and to cope up with the challenges, Twitter is set to launch Beta Program within a few weeks to give it a clean UI and probably check some new features.

Sara Haider, Twitter’s director of product management talks to TechCrunch and reported for this upcoming Twitter’s Beta Program. According to this report, Twitter will select a few groups of users who will get access to use and test some features and talk about the new features with others from the way of tweets and conversation. Twitter will collect all the data from their usage and from the conversation they held with others about the new features. Based on these data, Twitter will decide to have some improvement in that so that those features can be rolled out for everyone.

“Unlike a traditional beta that is the last step before launch, we’re bringing people in super early,” Haider said. “We need you to be part of this process so that we know we’re building the right experience.” When the users will be selected for testing, they will be provided with a link from where they can download a separate app which will be loaded with new features.

According to Sara, the Twitter beta will have a feature of Color coded replies. This means replies in the conversation will be in different colors depending on the user. For instance, if you are in a conversation thread, your reply to a conversation will be displayed in the traditional white colors, while if you get a reply from a user you follow will be shown in Green color, and at last if you get a reply from a user you don’t follow it will be displayed in Blue color. This looks a bit interesting and useful also as you may easily figure out the replies from the users you follow or not.

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Another thing which Twitter is looking to fix out is its Algorithm Sorted Responses. While going through long threads you may face some difficulty while finding some particular replies from your friends or the person you follows as there may be thousands of replies which you have to scroll. So to fix this issue Sara said that, Twitter will fix these issues by making some change in their Algorithm to make Sorted responses based on the replies from your friends and person you follows on the top of the thread.

Another experiment which Twitter is going to do with engagement buttons like Retweets and Heart+ buttons.  As Sara showed her Twitter build, there were no Heart+ and Retweets icons when the tweet comes from a reply from another tweet. These tweets will not be killed forever, they will be shown when clicking on that particular reply. This step was taken to hide these icons to make drive engagement to the post and to give a more simplified view.

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In Addition, Twitter may also perform a Status test which is being most famous on the platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Using status one can show their availability, what they are doing, where they are and some more stuff like people do on Instant Messaging.

There may be some more changes which may come in this Beta program, so it will be interesting to look forward to having some new features on Twitter in the upcoming months.

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