New Rainbow Six Y5S1.2 patch features Mozzie and Jager nerfs and more


Rainbow Six Siege TTS server has given its players a look of their upcoming Y5S1.2 patch featuring Jager for the nerfs as on 31st March.

Rainbow Six players are now starting to gear up for Y5S2 as Y5S1 and Operation Void Edge are halfway through. Although information regarding any major update is not available to the users as of now.

The latest Rainbow Six Siege test server is ready and controversies regarding the proposed changes are already underway. The biggest change is the slowing down of Jager in the update along with Mozzie losing a secondary and Buck losing his frag grenades. Hence Ying is the only op in line for substantial buffs right now. Buck and Ying have been replaced with throwable explosives instead of claymores. Caveira, on the other hand, has a new customization item for her M12 SMG.

Jager is now a two-speed, two-armor operator instead of three-speed, one-armor. His new nerf is more drastic than the damage cut from his 416-C Carbine. Ubisoft has explained that Jager is a strong roamer and multiple data points demonstrate his huge presence in-game. This has been done to make his presence a bit less oppressive in-game.

Buck is losing his frag grenades in favor of claymores with a bigger magazine for the Skeleton Key. His utility as a soft breacher wasn’t well combined well with the grenades. Mozzie is losing the Super Shorty secondary as his both intelligence-counter and roamer capabilities made him too powerful.

Yong gets four Candelas (up from three) and 46 damage for the T-95 LSW (up from 43). Her claymores will also get replaced by smoke grenades. Caveira will get a holographic sight option for the M12.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 is as well underway and Ubisoft is making ample experimental changes for FPS. It’s now left to how these will play out now.

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