New Overwatch Symmetra Skin Revealed In Short Story


Blizzard has revealed new details about Overwatch’s Symmetra with the release of a new short story titled “Stone by Stone.” In Christie Golden’s tale, Symmetra is sent by Vishkar Corp. to fix a PR fiasco caused by the accidental destruction of a sacred Omnic statue. While in the village, she encounters Zenyatta, the Omnic monk, and learns what she must do to correct Vishkar’s mistake.

A new Symmetra skin was revealed at the end of the comic, featuring a yellow design that contrasts with Symmetra’s typical blue-colored abilities. The skin’s new design is also tied to the short story and the bridge she establishes with the Omnic village and faith. Blizzard will likely reveal more details on how to obtain Symmetra’s new skin soon.

Symmetra previously received a short comic introducing her, as well as her employment with the mega-corporation Vishkar. In “A Better World,” the hard-light architech faces her own doubts around the dubious tactics Vishkar undertakes to achieve its goals. She joined Vishkar to improve the circumstances of the world, but soon realizes that the ends do not justify the means. In one mission, Vishkar blows up a building and injures a little girl in a favela. As a result, Symmetra appears to be doubtful of who Vishkar actually benefits and what her work with them means.

In other Overwatch news, Overwatch 2 is on the way with an unknown release date. Echo is supposedly the last hero before the sequel is released. The character is another damage dealer in a long lineup of damage heroes, but Blizzard has promised that more tanks and support characters are on the way. BlizzCon takes place on February 21, so we’ll likely hear more news about Overwatch 2 then.

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