New Incredible jack-o’-lantern Halloween Skin for Wrecking Ball Revealed by Overwatch


Blizzard has been revealing some of the new legendary skins for the past week that will be available during Halloween Terror event that will start on Tuesday, October 9.  And today, another new Halloween skin has been revealed.

This skin is for Hammond, aka Wrecking Ball, the game’s newest playable hero as per Overwatch’s tweet saying “Now it’s time to get PUMPED up!  Squash your enemies as JACK-O’-LANTERN WRECKING BALL (Legendary)!  Overwatch Halloween Terror begins Oct 9!”

The new legendary skin transforms the originally cute-looking hamster into a very creepy creature with a jack-o’-lantern mech that really gave a Halloween impact on this character. The skin is called the Jack-O’-Lantern skin. For those who want to get their hands on it will need to earn some for the required coins, or luckily, they can get it from opening the event-specific loot boxes.

Hammond is the fifth hero to get a new skin for the upcoming Halloween Terror event. The Spider Widowmaker’s skin has been revealed on Friday, and Blizzard unveiled a Headless Horseman type of attire with Enchanted Armor Pharah on Saturday. In addition to that, Widowmaker and Pharah, Doomfist and Moira also got their Halloween-themed skins.

Of course, all of these skins will only be available upon the special event, so players should be sure to play as much as possible, do their best, and get their smart tactics if they want to collect all of these new skins. Skins are certainly important and a great inspiration for a lot of the OW player base throughout this event.

But a lot of players is also pumped up about the return of Junkenstein’s Revenge, a game mode that pits four players against zombies. Jeff Kaplan, the Game director, also said there will be some changes to certain maps to fit with the holiday’s theme. Even though there were no further confirmations yet, it seems to be that something will happen with Château Guillard.

Even though Blizzard seems to have teased a lot, they were still hesitant to share any further details about the subject. So fans will just have to wait until Tuesday, October 9 to see more of Overwatch’s announcements, so be sure to stay with TechnoCodex as we will bring you its latest updates.

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