New Firefox Bug Cause Crashes on Windows, Mac and Linux


A lot of bug and crashes is happening today especially for the applications built for desktop platforms. Sabri Haddouche is one of the famous guy for unveiling some bugs, he is a software engineer and a security researcher at Wire, an encrypted instant messaging app.

After some weeks ago, he discovered a new web code exploit that can cause an iPhone to crash, and now, he unveiled a new bug on Firefox browser that crashes the desktop operating systems (Mac, Linux and Windows) according to the report of ZDNet.

On MAC and Linux platforms, the new bug causes the browser to show its classic Crash Reporter popup.  For the Windows platform, the bug is a different story and a little bit worse, the bug causes the browser to crash and for the worst case scenario, it freezes the entire operating system forcing users to perform a hard reboot.

The bug is working with the different versions of the Firefox browsers, but the versions for the mobile platforms like Android and iOS seems to be safe from the bug. According to a test performed by ZDNet, it was confirmed that Firefox on Android and iOS are not affected.

Haddouche explained how the exploit works on the Firefox Browsers. “What happens is that the script generates a file (a blob) that contains an extremely long filename and prompts the user to download it every one millisecond.  It, therefore, floods the IPC (Inter-Process Communication) channel between Firefox’s child and main process, making the browser at the very least freeze,” he said in an interview with ZDNet.

On Friday, September 21, there was a new released Firefox 62.0.2 from Mozilla, a new Firefox version that includes 13 bug fixes, one these fixes is an SSL-related security issue rated to be just moderate in terms of severity, and now a new bug came again. That’s why Haddouche has reported the bug yesterday to Mozilla’s staff and they are currently working on it now.

We will expect some updates regarding this bug and their current steps on working with these. Be sure to be updated on TechnoCodex as we will bring you the latest update regarding this alarming matter.

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