New Borderlands 3 Update Makes Challenging Endgame Mission (Temporarily) A Little Easier


Gearbox Software has released the full patch notes for the latest update for Borderlands 3, now live in the game. The update adds a new limited-time mini-event called Supercharged Crystals and makes a few in-game quality-of-life adjustments.

Supercharged Crystals ensures that all the crystals in the Takedown of the Guardian Breach, an optional endgame mission, do not lose their charge after you move away from them. Normally, these crystals lose their charge when no one is charging them–only maintaining their charge once you’ve capped them off–and if any become completely empty, then you have to restart from a checkpoint.

So basically, this mini-event ensures you can’t be wiped during the crystal charging parts of this Takedown, allowing you to more easily reach the next phase. For folks who haven’t managed to beat Takedown of the Guardian Breach, this mini-event is the ideal time to try again. Supercharged Crystals ends on January 21 at 9AM PT / 12PM ET.

For those who haven’t yet attempted Takedown of the Guardian Breach, it’s the second of Borderlands 3’s Takedowns, which is the loot shooter’s version of a super challenging multi-part raid. We recommend bringing along a full team of four players, and most (if not all) should be max level, have invested in their character’s ideal loadout, and possess some really good loot.

Beyond this mini-event, the new update makes some balancing adjustments to Borderlands 3 as well, which are detailed below.

Borderlands 3 January 14 Hotfix Gear Adjustments

  • Techspert Operative Class Mod
    • Increased the chance on kill to recharge SNTNL Cooldown and Duration from 15% to 35%
  • D.N.A.
    • Increased Weapon Damage, Magazine Size, Fire Rate, and Projectile Speed
    • Decreased Reload Time
  • Ripper
  • SF Force
  • Malak’s Bane

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