New Apple reveals Next-Gen In-Display Fingerprint Scanner


Apple has recently gained a patent for “Methods of biometric imaging of input surfaces” which describes an acoustic imaging system which is used to detect anything which falls on the screen like a fingerprint.

This patent uses an acoustic transducer which converts the electrical signals into mechanical energy or vice versa. Once the finger is placed on the surface, a mechanical wave transmits which then converts into an electrical signal. These electrical signal than recombined to form an image of the fingerprint for the authentication.

Pic Credit: Patently Apple

This technology not just made for fingerprint authentication but also, it can look over to anything that comes in contact with the surface including an image of your palm, ear, cheek, or face. Even, it can authenticate that the person answering the call is male or female. This patent technology is also capable to measure the heat as well as breathing rate. If this patent turns out to be real, this will be considered to be one of the most advanced authentication mechanism ever be used in a smartphone.

However, it is just a patent and can turn out to be real or remain as it is. But yes, this is a revolutionary idea in the field of technology which we expect to come out as real.

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