New Aliens Omnibus Shows Xenomorphs’ Original Years


Marvel Comics has announced Aliens: The Original Years Omnibus Vol. 2. The collection includes flashbacks to the 50s and an alien invasion of England.

Marvel Comics announced that Aliens: The Original Years Omnibus Vol. 2 will be released this August and collect rare comics series from the iconic franchise. The Aliens mini-series that will be pulled for the omnibus were originally published by Dark Horse Comics. Marvel acquired the rights to the Alien and Predator franchises in July 2020.

The Aliens line was first published by Dark Horse Comics in July 1988 with the first issue of the six-issue limited series Aliens: Outbreak. The company went on to publish many limited series and one-shot Aliens books, including crossovers with Star Trek and other popular franchises. With the series in new hands, Marvel will be releasing two hardcover Aliens omnibuses, which will begin in April with Aliens Omnibus Vol. 1, to reprint the Aliens stories from Dark Horse Comics.

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Marvel Comics announced that Aliens: The Original Years Omnibus Vol. 2 will be a hardcover collection reprinting Dark Horse Comics series including: Aliens: Rogue #1-4, Aliens: Colonial Marines #1-10, Aliens: Labyrinth #1-4, Aliens: Salvation, Aliens: Music of the Spears #1-4, and Aliens: Stronghold #1-4, as well as related stories from Dark Horse Comics #3-5, 11-13, and 15-19, Previews (1993) #1-12, Previews (1994) #1, and Aliens Magazine (1992) #9-20. The omnibus will have an original cover by Mahmud Asrar (Dynamo 5) and there will be an exclusive direct market variant cover by Paul Mendoza (a longtime Aliens and Aliens vs. Predators contributor for Dark Horse Comics).

Notable stories from these series include a scientist creating a new alien king, a group of Colonial Marines battling hybrid xenomorphs on a space station, and a murder mystery at an alien-research station. There will also be a flashback to an alien attack from the 1950s and an alien attack on England. The stories feature a variety of creative talents, including writers Ian Edginton, Chris Warner, Kelley Puckett, Paul Guinan, Dan Jolley, Jim Woodring, Dave Gibbons, Chet Williamson, John Arcudi, Sarah Byam, John Bryne, Peter Milligan, and Michael Cook. Some of the artists listed are Will Simpson, Paul Guinan, Tony Atkins, Allen Nunis, John Nadeau, Kilian Plunkett, Mike Mignola, Tim Hamilton, Doug Mahnke, David Roach, Mark A. Nelson, Paul Mendoza, John Bryne, Paul Johnson, and Christian Gorny. It has also been announced that a new ongoing Alien comic book series will begin in March 2021.

The Marvel Universe has really been embracing the Aliens universe lately. It will be very interesting to keep an eye on the Aliens franchise and see how their universes will change now that they’re being published by Marvel. Will Marvel have as enduring a legacy as Dark Horse Comics with the Aliens franchise? It’s unclear, but it would definitely be interesting to see those creatures battle it out with Marvel characters in a limited series event. There’s certainly the potential for one, especially with Marvel’s new variant covers, which show xenomorphs duking it out against Spider-Man, Thor, Wolverine, and other fan-favorite Marvel characters in the January 2021 solicitations. At least fans of the original comics can enjoy Dark Horse’s take on the series with the Aliens: The Original Years Omnibus Vol. 2, out in August 2021.

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