Netflix Stops offering in-app Subscription for iOS Users


Netflix is no longer offering an in-app subscription for new and returning iPhone and iPad users. From now, iOS users will not be able to signup directly from iTunes. Netflix has confirmed to VentureBeat that they are no longer supporting “iTunes as a method of payment for new members.” However, Netflix had already started changing in the selected market back in August and now it had rolled out for everyone in the World in November.

Now, hereafter if any iOS user wants to pay for the subscription they will be redirected to their browser like Safari and can pay via the Netflix’s Website. However, If you had already in-app subscription, they will be able to continue the same for some time, but those who had missed their monthly subscription had to go through their browser to pay for the subscription.

From the user’s perspective in-app subscription was a convenient way to pay for their subscriptions as their details were already mentioned in their Apple account. But as reported by VentureBeat, Apple charges about 30% cut for all new purchases that are made from App Store and 15% cut for all those subscriptions which are longer than a year. These charges were implemented in 2016, and due to this many companies bypassed Apple from their in-app billing system. Now again, these high charges taken by Apple became the reason of these disputes and resulting Netflix has removed in-app subscription for iOS users.

The same thing had already happened with Google, as before this action Netflix had already removed Google Pay from their payment options. However, due to this step, the number of subscriptions may get decreased on Netflix, but on the other hand, now this Streaming Giant will get higher profit on their subscriptions as there will be no charges cut. Stay tuned with TechnoCodex for more updates.

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