Moto E4 Plus Explodes in Men’s Pocket, Leaving Burns on Body


Incident of phone increasing day by day, we all Samsung Ggalaxy Note 7 burning stories in our mind, last year Samsung had to recall the Note 7 units from all over the world due to the battery issue, the device started exploding and many cases were registered. Now reports coming out from West Bengal that a Moto E4 Plus exploded in a man’s pocket and leaves some cuts on the fingers and also burns on the leg.

The incident happened in Bhatar Block near Purba Burdwan in West Bengal, India. Buddhadeb Pal is the man, he had purchased the phone from Flipkart a month ago, When the incident happened, he feel the phone became very hot in his pocket, and when he took it out he notice some fire sparks from the rear panel, immediately he threw it on the ground, the phone exploded after a few seconds. The massive 5000mAh battery of Moto E4 Plus act like a mini bomb.

However Buddhadeb hasn’t filed any complaint of this incident, he approached a service center which gave him the assurance that he will get a brand new Moto E4 Plus for free as a replacement. The incident leaves him very scared of using smartphones.

TechnoCodex ask to its readers do we also have to scare of using a smartphones. It is the disastrous battery issue from a major smartphone brand. We and companies both have to think that we often give our phones to babies when thy cry or something likes that. What if these kinds of situation happen with them? Do comment us below your opinion.

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