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Modernization Tips for an Agile Data Center Infrastructure

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Almost every business today finds itself deeply reliant on IT, a testament to the digital era we live in. The stark reality is that most work processes grind to a halt without IT support. Furthermore, the scope of IT has expanded far beyond the confines of traditional data centers. It now extends across the enterprise, encompassing not just data centers but also edge computing locations and colocation sites. In this landscape, nearly every aspect of IT has become mission-critical.

The Vital Link Between Power and IT

Work is undeniably dependent on IT, yet IT itself hinges on a consistent power supply. A power outage can bring work to an abrupt standstill, highlighting the crucial role of electricity in maintaining operational continuity. While attention often gravitates towards servers, software, network infrastructure, and cloud services, the importance of a stable and reliable power source for all IT sites is equally critical. This realization underscores that the reliability of your power supply is as vital as the dependability of your application containers and IT infrastructure.

Modernizing IT for AI

You don’t have to be the CIO to know there is an AI revolution taking place across the world. AI will transform numerous facets of both work and life. To fully leverage AI, companies must first modernize their datacenters to accommodate it. Generative AI is not only encaptivating users and audiences; it is driving exponential growth in computing requirements. Jensen Huang, the CEO of chipmaker Nvidia, described this transitionOpens a new window