Mister Miracle: DC’s New God Is a BIG Part of Future State


Shilo Norman’s Mister Miracle has been showing up quite a bit in Superman’s “Future State” titles, suggesting he might be poised to play a major role.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for “Time and Effect” from Future State: Superman – Worlds of War #1 and “The Metropolis Menagerie” from Future State: Superman of Metopolis #1, both by Brandon Easton, Valentine DeLandro, Marissa Louise, and Dave Sharpe, and on sale now.

The Future State of the DC Universe does not just follow the adventures of the successors of major heroes like Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman, it also follows a great many number of significant characters as they evolve in potential futures. In some scenarios, it brings lesser-known characters back to the forefront of cosmic events. One such character is Shilo Norman, the third person to take up the moniker of Mister Miracle. But while Clark and Jon Kent are the main focus of what’s happening in their titles, Shilo plays a significant role in the back up stories, often handling the threats that both Supermen are too busy to deal with.

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Shilo Norman is a fairly venerable character within DC’s long continuity, having debuted in 1973’s Mister Miracle #15 by Jack Kirby and Mike Royer. Shilo’s story shares some similarities with that of the second Mister Miracle, Scott Free’s origins. Shilo was abandoned by his mother as an infant and raised in an orphanage where he did not have a happy upbringing. Tired of the constant abuse, Shilo escaped and began living on the streets. He ended up becoming an unofficial ward to Thaddeus Brown, the first Mister Miracle. But when Thaddeus was murdered by a gangster, Scott Free took up the title and avenged his mentor. Shilo would then work alongside Mister Miracle and his wife, Barda.

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But Shilo was destined to be more than a mere side character. When his brother was murdered, Shilo went on a quest for revenge. Fortunately, Mister Miracle managed to stop him before he a huge mistake. However, during the course of this adventure, Mister Miracle was nearly killed. It was only because of Shilo that Scott was able to come home again and because of his bravery, Scott decided that Shilo deserved to learn his trade. He began training Shilo to become a master escape artist and Shilo would use the skills he learned to later become the newest Mister Miracle, armed with technology from New Genesis.

Outside of a major role in Grant Morrison and Pasqual Ferry’s Severn Soldiers: Miracle Man in 2005,  Shilo only made minor appearances in the DC Universe until his recent appearance in Future State: Superman of Metropolis #1. Here, Shilo is seen dealing with the mess left behind by Jon Kent’s rash and questionable decision to miniaturize Metropolis. Like practically everyone else in the city, Shilo has no clue what is happening or why, but his primary concern is keeping the citizens from rioting.

His attempts to keep everyone calm for the moment were more successful than his attempts to discover the source of the dome surrounding the city. While investigating with his Mother Box, Mister Miracle is attacked by several large robots of unknown origins. Fortunately, Mister Miracle is still Earth’s greatest escape artist, but even as he dodged their attacks, he was still left trying to figure out what was happening to the city.

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In Future State: Superman – Worlds of War #1, Shilo is once again drawn into the events surrounding the Super-Family after teleporting into the middle of Warworld’s processing plant, where the elder Superman was being held hostage. Although he was unable to help Superman escape from a gladiatorial game, Shilo was able to live up to his name and escape the plant.

Once Shilo escaped from Warworld, he stumbled onto a more pressing problem: a massive war fleet, most likely pointed at Earth. So all in all, the problems both Supermen didn’t consider or just could not deal with at the moment, were hoisted upon Shilo’s shoulders, who seems ready to confront the challenge, hoping to prove that even though he has been absent for a while he is still able to handle the problems of the world when the Man of Steel is not available.

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