Microsoft’s Office Online Receives a new Name ‘Office’


Microsoft has changed the names of its Microsoft Office Applications today. The company has removed Online word from its online Office applications. The company is dropping the Online word from the Web-based Office Applications. You will soon get to see the different name on your screen while using their Web-based application.

The company’s web-based applications such as Word Online, Powerpoint Online will be simply renamed with Word and Powerpoint. The same goes for all the other MS Office Web-based applications. The entire Microsoft Suite’s applications will be renamed in the coming days.

We all have to use a word Online while accessing Microsoft Office’s Online applications on the web. This seems odd as we already are using these applications on the web and there’s no sense of adding online behind the apps while exploring them on the web using the Internet.

This is indeed a good move by Microsoft to ditch the word Online from their web-based applications.

We know that Microsoft Office is not just available on the web, in fact, it is available for all the PC platforms and even on the mobile platforms. The company has said that they will keep the web-based MS Office Suite’s name as “Office for the web” to justifies its web version.

Microsoft has found that most of the PC users are now using the Web versions of their Office suite. Using the online web-based versions come with a lot of benefits as it saves your work directly on One Drive, Company’s own cloud storage platform. This was the reason behind Microsoft’s interest in changing the name of its web-based applications.

Microsoft’s Office Change name doesn’t affect the actual functions and features of these apps. Everything will be the same as previous and there will be no change in terms of its features and functionality.

The products would be called with the same name, however, while using them on your computer online, you will not be required to add a word Online. You can simply start using the MS Word online by simply entering Word only.

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