Microsoft Shifts to Chromium to Gain an Edge


Two decades and a couple of years post releasing Internet Explorer for the first time, Microsoft has decided to stop any development on its legacy web browsing software. In the wake of all the rumors and guesswork erupting everywhere since a while, Microsoft finally declared a day ago that they are recreating their Edge browser, and the upcoming browser version shall be Chromium based.

At present, Microsoft’s Edge browser makes the use of the EdgeHTML engine. This engine is basically an overhauled variant of the Trident engine used by Microsoft’s legacy browser- Internet Explorer. A year ago, Microsoft rolled out Edge for mobile phones and Edge for Android was Chromium based. A majority of web browsers for Android are Chromium-based. Presently, Microsoft has decided to switch to Chromium for Edge for Windows OS.

Through a post on the company’s website, Microsoft declared that Microsoft Edge shall be open-source. It also mentioned that the browser will gradually be rolled out for macOS as well. Microsoft hasn’t released any web browser for Mac since Internet Explorer 5.2 in the year 2002.

The company stated that their intention is to confirm the web platform of the Edge browser concurrently with not only the web standards but also the other browsing programs based on Chromium. Microsoft added that this will provide better compatibility for all and make a less complex test-matrix for developers.

We are still to find out the fate of the new Microsoft-Chromium partnership for Edge. While Microsoft might expect functionalities like better scrolling, to be embedded into Chromium in order to improve the Chrome experience on Windows as well. However, there is no guarantee that it may happen. Stay tuned with TechnoCodex for more updates.

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