Microsoft Patents Shows a Stylus Which Can be Converted to an Earpiece


Microsoft has officially published a new patent that describes how new technology is changing the world of music. The company has showcased a new Stylus which can be converted into an earpiece. Yes, you heard that right. A new patent reveals how Microsoft is manufacturing a new Stylus for the Surface devices.

Foldable Smartphones are indeed a new future of the Smartphone industry. We have seen a couple of smartphone manufacturers with their new Foldable devices. The foldable devices from Samsung and Huawei have been called off due to poor performance. It’s indeed a challenging task for the manufacturers to combine two different displays into one.

However, Microsoft is teaching innovative ideas to make foldable devices. The company had described how this new technology will work and how the future foldable devices can be manufactured using it. The new patents revealed the actual working functionality of future foldable devices.

The new methods shared by Microsoft with its patents serve the same thing in different ways. Instead of focusing on anything else, we should see the positive side from the giant to come up with the new and innovative foldable devices in the coming future.

The device will be made from flexible materials with many rigid parts to place the different parts of the device. To remove the pen from the earpiece would also be an easier task for the users while using it on Microsoft’s own Surface devices.

The earpiece will be placed on the tip of the pen which will be featuring numerous sensors. You will be allowed to remove the earpiece from the Pen and can use both the devices independently. You will also be able to keep the earpiece docked with the pen and can wear it to your ear with the stylus pen. Since the stylus pen is designed with flexible material, the user can easily wrap it to the ear to use it as a Bluetooth earpiece.

Aside from this, the company is also planning to add a bone-conductive speaker in the pen. This will replace the main speaker of the earpiece when you wrap it around your ear.

These are just the patents and there is no evidence of its production available at this moment. We can take this new idea of Microsoft with a pinch of salt.

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