Microsoft Edge Mobile Integrates a Fake News Tracker


In the past few months, fake news starts spreading very tremendously and has become one of the major problems nowadays. Due to this problem, the reliability and credibility of genuine news are also affecting as people have a mindset nowadays that the news which is being viral must be a fake one.

Now, to overcome this problem, Microsoft has started integrating a fake news tracker in its Microsoft Edge Browser on Mobile. NewsGuard is an online tool designed to review the source of news so that to check its credibility. This organization claims that it has a specialized team of Journalists and some Freelancers who check the credibility of news published on any platform or sites. And so, Microsoft has integrated a plugin of NewsGuard to its Microsoft Edge application for Mobile through which users can easily submit a site for review to  NewsGuard.

You can find this built-in plugin in the latest version of Microsoft Edge. However, this feature isn’t pre-set at Default, you have to manually enable it. Once you have the latest version of Microsoft Edge, you can see a blue dot on the setting option. Once you clicked on it and scroll down you will see an option of News Rating. On clicking on this option, you can easily see the NewsGuard and can enable it. Now you can observe a Shield icon in the right of your address bar from where you can submit a site for review.

Currently, NewsGuard only concentrates on US-based websites. However, there are few more major abroad websites are also included in the list. The best thing about NewsGuard is, this organization rely on Human efforts instead of an algorithm. So, its accuracy is a bit higher than other. So, remember now, if you are surfing on Edge and wants to check the credibility of any news you can it via NewsGuard.

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