Microsoft Confirms New Update Warning for 800 Million Windows 10 Users


Microsoft is facing many issues with its latest Windows 10 Operating System. Microsoft releases regular updates with new improvements and fixes for the Windows 10 users since it was launched. Today, Microsoft has officially sent warnings or we can say alerts to over 800 Million users of the Windows10 Operating System.

The company has confirmed that they are officially changing the Windows 10 Update experience to all the 800 Million users of Windows 10 OS. With this, the users will be able to know which updates are good and which are not. Users will receive a proper notification when there’s a new update hit. This way, they will get to know about what’s new added to the update right from the notification.

Over the past few months, Windows 10 users have faced many problems with their system’s functionality after the official updates. When the system shows a pop-up message about the update, over 90% of the users go ahead and get it updated without knowing much about the update. This causes serious problems with their system.

To overcome this issue and to help the users know more about the new updates, Microsoft has decided to alert the users even before they hit the update button. In fact, it is essential for all of us to know about what new things are included in the update. You should also check whether the update is good for you or not.

If the update doesn’t help you in any way, you can simply ignore it. You don’t need to forcefully install those unwanted updates which can cause unresolvable issues. The new alert system will make the users happy as they don’t need to update the unwanted tools and functions on their system.

Additionally, this also improves the stability of the Windows 10 Operating System. People have been struggling with one or many issues with their existing Windows 10 system. For that reason, most PC users avoid upgrading their Windows system to the latest, Windows 10 Operating System.

The same update or alert will make the users trust upon the Windows 10 Operating System and they will stick to it in future with this new service.

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