Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is an HD remaster of the original trilogy coming to PC and consoles


Mass Effect is coming back, but instead of a sequel to 2017’s Mass Effect: Andromeda, BioWare is releasing a remaster of the original trilogy in 2021 on PC and consoles.

During N7 day celebration, BioWare announced Mass Effect” Legendary Edition a compilation of the first three installments in the studio’s action RPG series, which released between 2007 and 2012. It is important to note, however, that this is not a full remake but enhanced versions of the first three Mass Effect games with BioWare’s focus on improving the games so players can experience the epic space opera in their “best possible form.” Mass Effect Legendary Edition will also include all the single-player DLC.

The compilation follows similar remasters that BioWare’s publisher EA has released in recent years, including Burnout Paradise and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.





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