Marvel’s Champions Get a New Creative Team in April


Danny Lore and Luciano Vecchio will take over creative duties on Champions starting with #6 in April, which begins the “Killer App” storyline.

The Champions will be getting a new creative team, starting in April.

Danny Lore (Ironheart 2020) and Luciano Vecchio (Ironheart) will be the new writer and artist on Champions, respectively. They will make their debut with Champions #6, which kicks off the “Killer App” storyline. They will be replacing the current creative team of Eve. L Ewing and Simone Di Meo.

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“I’m sad to say farewell to the Champs right now but so excited that some amazing creators are taking the helm,” outgoing writer Eve L. Ewing said in a statement. “Especially Luciano who I had the great joy of working with on Ironheart.

The synopsis of the “Killer App” storyline finds the Champions going up against a sinister corporation that intends to harm the team’s reputation using a self-help app on social media. In order to fight the corporation, the Champions must tackle it from the inside.

“I think it’s very easy today for young people to feel either helpless or overwhelmed with the weight of the world and its ills on their shoulders. With rhetoric constantly showing up about how the youth will save the world, but not necessarily with the support system to assist, it’s important that Champions exists as a story in which they DO have the power,” Lore said.

“Personally this is the perfect follow up to my run as artist on Ironheart, which has been super significant to me, and I’m so excited to reconnect with Riri and also get to draw Ms. Marvel, Miles and the rest of the kids and get my visual brand on them individually and as a cohesive team,” Vecchio added.

Champions was launched by Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos and spun out of events in Waid’s run on All-New, All-Different Avengers. After the events of Civil War II, Ms. Marvel quit the Avengers alongside Miles Morales/Spider-Man and Sam Alexander/Nova. Alongside Amadeus Cho and Viv Vision, the teenagers formed the Champions, attempting to fight crime in a different way than their predecessors.

The events of Outlawed have seen the Champions fighting against the government, as “Kamala’s Law” was enacted to restrict the activities of teenage superheroes following Ms. Marvel’s injury during a battle. The battle has taken its toll on the Champions, with Ironheart even considering quitting the team.

Written by Danny Lore and illustrated by Luciano Vecchio, Champions #6 goes on sale in April from Marvel.

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