Mario Kart Tour’s New Luigi Wears Lederhosen & Drives Weiner Kart


As a part of the game’s new Berlin Tour, Mario Kart Tour has received a lederhosen-garbed Luigi outfit and a sausage-shaped kart for him to drive.

The Berlin Tour, the newest tour in Nintendo’s mobile title Mario Kart Tourintroduces a hilarious German-inspired kart and a matching outfit for Luigi. Released in September 2019, Mario Kart Tour allows players to experience classic Mario Kart racing right from their mobile device. The title features biweekly “tours” which allow players to compete on themed courses; they also often introduce themed cosmetic items.

With biweekly updates to keep the game feeling fresh and new, Mario Kart Tour has received a respectable amount of new content since its release in 2019. In October of last year the mobile title celebrated its one-year anniversary, introducing new tracks while also bringing back old ones as a tribute to its history. Nintendo also made it much easier to acquire premium skins during this celebration, allowing players to more easily get their hands on rare cosmetic items. Mario Kart Tour also rang in the new year with a special 2021 Tour, which introduced three new playable characters to the game.

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A recent Twitter post reveals that Mario Kart Tour‘s newest update, the Berlin Tour, gives Luigi an appropriate and adorable new outfit alongside an authentically German kart. The new outfit, Luigi (Lederhosen), decks Mario’s brother out in traditional German garb including knee-length breeches and a Tyrolean hat. A brand new matching kart, the Fast Frank, is shaped like a gigantic wiener in honor of Germany’s delicious frankfurters. The German Tour also introduces a new course, Berlin Byways 2, to round out the collection of German content.

Since the series’ first installment in 1992, Mario Kart has persisted as a highly successful kart racing series. Even though it first released in 2017, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has seen an increase in sales every year in the United Kingdom, thanks in large part to the game’s continued support across new consoles. The racing title is the best-selling game on the Nintendo Switch, having sold around 29 million units as of the 2020 holiday season. This demonstrates the series longevity and mass appeal, being accessible to both casual gamers and hardcore fans alike.

Nintendo’s continued support of Mario Kart Tour, with new courses and outfits coming every two weeks, demonstrates their commitment to mobile gaming. Pokémon GO is a similar example of mobile gaming breathing new life into an old franchise, and it appears that Nintendo has taken this lesson to heart. While a new outfit and kart may not be a groundbreaking addition, the hilarious theming of the set is bound to draw the attention of Mario Kart Tour fans.

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Mario Kart Tour, with the Berlin Tour, is available now on iOS and Android devices.

Source: Mario Kart Tour / Twitter 

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