Maneater PS5 Launch Trailer Shows The Game is Back for Another Bite


Get back in the water on PS5 and Xbox Series S/X.

Maneater launched on PS4, Xbox One and PC in May this year. The ShaRkPG enjoyed its moment in the spotlight thanks to its unique and chaotic underwater gameplay, fun sense of humour and intriguing upgrade system. While its popularity may have fallen by the wayside, the game is getting a second bite at the action, as it releases on next-gen/current-gen consoles this week.

To accompany Maneater’s foray onto the PS5 (as well as the Xbox Series S and Series X) Sony has released a new launch trailer for the game, which is just as funny and action-packed as you’d expect.

The trailer showcases just how powerful you, the shark, can become, with a glimpse at a range of attacks and abilities you can use throughout the game. These include deflecting bullets, returning an explosive tank to sender and electromagnetic pulses.

When the game hits the PS5 and Series X, it will be capable of 4k/60fps as well as having “lightning fast load times”. It will also have special DualSense support on the PlayStation 5.

We reviewed the game when it came out, scoring it a 6/10, saying that “Maneater isn’t a bad game by any means, but it never does anything beyond its simple elevator pitch.”

With the Xbox Series S and X already in consumers hands and the PS5 just mere days away, the launch trailers are coming thick and fast. Today we got a look at Yakuza: Like a Dragon’s PS4 launch trailer which is an absolute romp and shows off just how crazy the game is.

The other major launch trailer we got recently was that of Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The game launches along with the PS5 on November 12 and already looks outstanding. The recent trailer offers a deeper look at Miles’ struggles, his special abilities and some of the adversaries he will be facing along his adventure.




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