LG Patents a Smartwatch with built-in Camera


Innovations in Technology have changed the way how people used to live their lives. We have an uncountable number of tech-based devices to simplify our lives. In today’s world, one can’t live without a smartphone. However, the trend has now changed and manufacturers are focusing on the new-generation smartwatches. LG is showing interest to feature a Camera on their Smartwatch.

LG shows off a Patent of their upcoming smartwatch which features a built-in Camera in it. Yes, you heard that right. The new generation of LG smartwatch will come with a Camera just like a smartwatch.

According to news sources, LG has filed a patent with the United States Trademark and Patent Office. The Patent clearly shows off the placement of a Camera on the strap of the Smartwatch. Apparently, there will be a built-in Camera on the Strap of the watch which will be integrated with the smartphone’s camera app.

Aside from this, the LG’s Patent also features some additional features for mobile phone users. As per the leaked patent, the company will launch this Smartwatch with Cellular Connectivity options. Yes, just like the new generation Apple Watch, the upcoming Smartwatch from LG to come with Cellular Connectivity feature. We will be able to make Voice calls through a Smartwatch without the need of a mobile phone.

This seems a little bit confusing; however, LG has explained everything well in the Patents they have shared with the USTP office. The watch to come with easy-to-fit solutions to fit on all hands.

LG has decided to invest in Camera feature for their future Smartwatches. There will be an option to take a photo conveniently without turning the position of the wrist. You will be able to click the moments hassle-free while wearing the Smartwatch to your wrist.

Moreover, the patent has also shown off how everything will work in real life. We can clearly see how they have placed the Camera concept on the Strap of the Smartwatch. The Smartwatch will come with an adjustable strap to fit in any hands. The adjustable strap helps you to take photos from the built-in Camera without changing the angle of the wrist.

Being a new generation smartwatch, LG will design this smartwatch with many other advanced features which will be directly integrated with the Smartwatch’s Camera app. The smartwatch will act exactly like the Smartphone, and you will be able to use the Smartwatch with Smartphone simultaneously.

In addition, the smartwatch will also feature useful fitness apps to keep track on your calorie intake. It will also come with heartbeat monitor, blood pressure checker and many other such apps which can track down your day to day activities. You will also be able to track your daily steps.

This is just the Patent of the Smartwatch and not the actual Smartwatch from LG. The company may ignore this patent and can work on a whole different thing, we never know what they are cooking in their kitchen. We have to take it with a pinch of salt for now. We will get to hear some official information about this future Smartwatch from LG in the coming days. Stay tuned with TechnoCodex for more updates.

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