Lead Behind PlayStation’s Online Services Leaving SIE


The Sony executive behind PlayStation Plus and other PlayStation services, Tsuyoshi Kodera, is departing Sony Interactive Entertainment on April 1.

Tsuyoshi Kodera (aka John Kodera) is a 30-year Sony executive who served an integral role in the development of PlayStation‘s online services; come April 1, Kodera will leave SIE and transition into another department within Sony Corp. Kodera joined the company nearly 30 years ago in early 1992. Throughout the following 15 years, he moved through the ranks at Sony Corp. and Sony Electronics, before leading the network group as Senior VP in 2010.

Kodera’s tenure as the network team’s lead made him central to the creation of PlayStation’s various online services, including the PlayStation Store, PS Plus, and PS Now. In 2013, he climbed the ranks once again to become President of Sony Network Entertainment International. Upon the merger of Sony Computer Entertainment and Network Entertainment in early 2016, Kodera assumed the role of Deputy President of the new division – Sony Interactive Entertainment. Andrew House’s 2017 exit saw Kodera take over as PlayStation’s CEO and President, positions he maintained until Jim Ryan was named CEO and President in spring 2019. In the two years since then, Kodera has served as SIE’s Deputy President.

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Sony recently announced (via Video Games Chronicle) that Kodera will depart his role at SIE at the end of this fiscal year, which falls on Thursday, April 1. In exiting the SIE division, he’ll transition to a new position within a different Sony sector. The specifics about Kodera’s forthcoming shift have yet to be publicly announced, nor is it clear who’s in line to replace him as Deputy President of SIE.

Tsuyoshi Kodera

SIE has experienced a lot of change in recent weeks. At the start of December 2020, Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama departed SIE Japan Studio after 20 years. A few other Japan Studio veterans left alongside Toyama to found a development house of their own – Bokeh Game Studio. Not too long thereafter, another Japan Studio producer – Terujuki Toriyama – resigned from his position, as well. These exits in particular continue to raise eyebrows due to a report in which Bloomberg claimed that Sony’s shifting its focus away from Japan. Jim Ryan quickly debunked the publication’s report, insisting the platform-holder remained committed to its home country.

One of PlayStation’s western first-party studios recently underwent quite the shift, too. After shipping Days Gone in 2019, writer John Garvin left SIE Bend Studio after 20-plus to focus on personal projects. Meanwhile, Days Gone’s Game Director Jeff Ross departed the team last fall.

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Source: Video Games Chronicle

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