La-Mulana 2 Finally Launched on PC


Japanese development studio Nigoro and publisher AGM Playism has announced the sequel of its legendary La-Mulana game dubbed as – La-Mulana 2, for PC. The game is available on Steam GOG and Playism’s store for $24.99.  It’s a 32-bit style throwback to old-school adventuring and exploration, combining the likes of Pitfall with Super Metroid.

Just to remind you, The original La-Mulana was released more than 13 years ago, in 2005, later on, the game was released on PC in 2013, and now after 5 years, the company has launched the sequel of the game for PC. Check out the trailer below

The story of the game goes around the ruins of Eg-Lana, you will play the character of Lemeza’s daughter, Lumisa Kosugi – she’s just as adventurous as her father. The goal is to figure out why there’s a ton of monsters just popping up everywhere and explore the secrets, puzzles, and riddles lying in the ruins.

The beginning of the game is a bit boring, but there’s a decadent kind of challenge in the game that you’ll get used to pretty quickly. You’ll have to pass through the tombs, caves, and dungeons, making your way through the platforming obstacles, battling bosses, and using a variety of items to help you along the way.

The developers expect most gamers to spend about 20 through 30 hours in order to complete the game, and you’ll have over 60 items to collect, seven weapons to acquire, 10 sub-weapons to equip, and over 20 apps to install on the in-game adventurer’s tablet known as the Mobile Super X3.

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