Kat Dunn Says A Former Houseguest Tried Suing Her Over Merch


Kat Dunn revealed on Twitter that a former Big Brother housemate tried to sue her over her a shirt in her merch line. The shirt is no longer for sale.

It looks like the drama continues on outside of the Big Brother house. Season 21 alum Kat Dunn just revealed on Twitter that one of her former housemates tried to sue her over a merchandise item. Kat also recently shared with her fans that she and her boyfriend, Reality Steve, broke up.

Kat Dunn showcased her loud and vibrant personality throughout season 21 of Big Brother. Aside from being known for her funny catchphrases and crazy conspiracies, Kat was also known for having a crush on almost all of the guys in the house. Well, not all of them. but quite a few. During the early days inside the house, Kat was caught up in a short-lasting showmance with Jackson Michie. Jackson went on to date Holly Allen, who Kat secretly knew from real life. Throughout the rest of the season, Kat was rumored to have crushes on David and Nick. Fans were shocked when Kat and Nick started dating while inside the jury house together. The two went on to date outside of the game for quite some time before calling it quits in 2020. Since returning home, Kat started a merchandise line featuring some of her well-known sayings from the show, as well as a podcast. Kat was recently caught up in a feud with her former friend and housemate Holly Allen over some Twitter drama.

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Apparently, Kat Dunn almost got sued over a T-shirt. The Big Brother alum revealed on Twitter that one of her former housemates tried to sue her over a shirt that was a part of her merchandise line. A fan tweeted out a photo of Kat modeling said shirt. The tweet read, “Let’s not forget about this hahaha I still can’t believe you did this.”  The photo showed Kat modeling a dark grey t-shirt that had former male Big Brother contestants’ names on it – and not just any contestants, but the contestants Kat had a crush on. The names included Jackson, David, and Nick off of Kat’s season, as well as Brett from season 20. Kat quoted the tweet, admitting, “I’m not gonna say who but one of the guys on this shirt threatened to sue me over this.

In a thread of tweets, Kat went on to confess the shirt was some of her “best work.”  She encouraged her fans to stop guessing which of the guys tried to sue her, joking that she doesn’t “actually want to get sued.” Kat explained she called her father, concerned about their attempt to sue her, but he calmed her down by explaining they actually could not sue her. He admitted her family tried to sue someone from the show for what they said about Kat while she was inside the house. Kat did not include the houseguest’s name nor what they said. Kat concluded the Twitter thread by explaining she took down the shirt to avoid any weirdness between her and her former housemates. She also took down a shirt that read, “I vote to evict Michie.

There is no doubt Kat Dunn has a good sense of humor. According to Holly Allen’s latest warning for Michie’s new girlfriend, Kat definitely dodged a bullet there. Maybe she should stay away from dating inside the Big Brother world.

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Source: Kat Dunn/Twitter

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