Kardashians/Jenners’ Best (& Worst) Performing Basketball Player Guys They Dated


The famous family from Keeping Up With The Kardashians has shown a penchant for NBA stars, dating enough ball-players to field an entire roster. These are the best (and the worst) NBA players to ever date a Kardashian or Jenner.

Team Kendall alone has a solid starting five, though Team Khloe may give them a run for their money. For this list, player rankings will take career stats (average points/rebounds/assists per game), shooting averages, and personal achievements into account.

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Worst: Kyle Kuzma – Team Kendall – 15.6/5.5/1.9; 44.9%

Kuz landed here by being too young and inconsistent. To be clear, Kyle Kuzma is the best of the worst players. His career stats are better than average, and he earned All-Rookie honors. Yes, he also technically won a championship last season, but that was mostly LeBron being LeBron, and Kuz cannot take too much credit for it.

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According to reports, Kuzma and model Kendall Jenner were dating in the summer of 2019. Or were they? Their relationship seems to have only amounted to one sure-to-be steamy yacht trip, but not much beyond that. Both stars have since moved on.

Best: Devin Booker – Team Kendall – 22.5/3.6/4.7; 44.9%

devin booker (1)

D. Book is the worst of the best, like the benchwarmer on the All-Star team. With fantastic career stats, the young shooting guard has earned All-Rookie and All-Star honors. He is the leader of the upstart Phoenix Suns, the early surprise of last year’s bubble. Although they did not make it to the playoffs, Booker led the Suns to an undefeated bubble season.

Booker is the latest NBA star connected to Kendall Jenner, who isn’t hearing any sass about her dating life. They elicited some boos for vacationing during one of the peaks of coronavirus, but such is young love. Whether or not the couple is still together or not is unclear as of this writing.

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Worst: Tristan Thompson – Team Khloe – 9.4/8.7/1, 51.8%

Tristan Thompson, a lovable oaf with laughable stats, needs to be given some respect; after all, the man is an NBA champion. However, just like Kuzma, Thompson won by getting out of LeBron’s way. It’s a smart move, and he must be commended for it. He also earned All-Rookie honors, but that seems like a long time ago.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans know all about Tristan’s past, present, and future with Khloe Kardashian. Though still separated, the pair put aside their differences to spend time with their daughter during the 2020 quarantine. Rumors of a rekindled romance have since swirled, though the gossip remains unconfirmed.

Best: Lamar Odom – Team Khloe – 13.3/8.4/3.7, 46.3%

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom maintained impressive stats throughout his 14-season NBA career. During those years, he earned an All-Rookie appearance, a Sixth-Man award, and two NBA championships. The left-hander was nicknamed “The Goods” because that’s exactly was what he was bringing.

Khloe’s relationship with Lamar was tumultuous and well-documented. The two were famously married one month after meeting, under a tapestry of red flags. The pair divorced soon after, but when Lamar went through off-the-court issues in 2015, Khloe re-entered his life for non-romantic support.

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Worst: Chandler Parsons – Team Kendall – 12.7/4.5/2.7, 46.2%

Chandler Parsons

Chandler Parsons’ shooting stats always showed promise, but he never reached his alleged potential. Maybe he never got put in the right system; maybe he just wasn’t that good. But whatever the reason, Chandler Parsons’s nine seasons in the NBA proved unfruitful. As far as accolades go, he only has an All-Rookie appearance to show for it.

Chandler Parsons saw Kendall Jenner from 2014 to 2017. The pair apparently stayed on good terms post-breakup and were even spotted on a friendly double-date. For that date, Kendall brought NBA star Blake Griffin, but more on him later.

Best: Rick Fox – Team Khloe – 9.6/3.8/2.8, 45%

Rick Fox had a storied basketball career spanning 13 seasons before he retired and pursued a career in Hollywood. His career stats aren’t that great, but the man won three NBA championships, considerably more than most. Similar to Thompson and Kuzma, fans might argue that the best thing Rick Fox ever did was to pass the ball to Kobe (RIP). Still, three rings are difficult to argue with.

Rick Fox’s career is far more storied than his love life with Khloe Kardashian. The two were seen on several dates six years ago, but that’s about it. Lucky on the court, unlucky in love.

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Worst: Jordan Clarkson – Team Kendall – 14.9/3.2/2.5, 44.7%

Jordan Clarkson

Jordan Clarkson, currently a point guard for the Utah Jazz, has played for three teams since 2014. His stats during that time have been so-so and many fans are still waiting for him to reach his potential. Aside from All-Rookie honors, Jordan Clarkson has yet to earn much respect in the NBA.

Clarkson joined Team Kendall in 2016, though the affair was short-lived. Videos of them kissing circulated the internet, as well as gossip that Kim was unhappy with Kendall’s choice in men. According to rumors, Kim was upset because Clarkson wasn’t “famous” enough. Tragically, he still isn’t.

Best: Ben Simmons – Team Kendall – 16.1/8.3/8, 55.7%

Ben Simmons Kendall Jenner KUWTK

This is a controversial pick. For many NBA fans, the jury is still out on if Ben Simmons is any good or not. But during his four seasons (current included), Simmons has put up above-average numbers, earned Rookie of the Year honors, and has been an All-Star, twice. Love him or hate him… that’s what Kendall Jenner was asking herself.

Kendall snagged the Aussie-international in 2018 and didn’t let go till the following year. Many fans point to Simmons’s performance since their break-up as evidence of the mysterious Kardashian Kurse, a dark force that turns former players into trash. Curse or no, the pair was doomed by geography – Kendall is an LA girl and Simmons is committed to the Process in Philly.

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Worst: Rashad McCants – Team Khloe – 10/2/1.3, 43.1%

Rashad McCants

Rashad McCants had an unremarkable life in the NBA. After a promising college career at the University of North Carolina, he never quite lived up to the billing of his already not-that-impressive 14th pick in the draft status. The shooting guard could never keep up in the league, and he has publicly blamed his failures on the Kardashians.

Rashad McCants is arguably the originator of the Kardashian Kurse, as his relationship with Khloe had real-world effects on his game, or so he claims. The relationship was short-lived, but according to McCants, had long-lasting effects. He has stated his theory that no one in the league took him seriously after such a public relationship, and he was viewed afterward as only in it for the fame.

Best: Blake Griffin – Team Kendall – 21.5/8.8/4.4, 49.7%

Blake Griffin, some fans would argue, also never quite lived up to his hype. Yes, he is a 6-time All-Star, has earned All-NBA honors five times, and Rookie of the Year… but no championship. It’s tough to win it all in the era of Steph and LeBron, but that is what many expected out of Blake after his stellar career at Oklahoma. Recently, just like LeBron, Griffin has shown interest in the world of entertainment.

Team Kendall came knocking at Blake’s LA residence in August of 2017. Though their timeline is unclear, they were long-separated by 2019, when Blake made an infamous joke about why so many NBA players date Jenners at a televised Comedy Central Roast.

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The Absolute Worst: Kris Humphries – Team Kim – 6.7/5.4/0.7, 46.3%

Kris Humphries, despite his 16 seasons in the NBA, is best known for his failed marriage to Kim Kardashian. That is a testament to how abysmal the forward’s basketball career was. His stats are shockingly lackluster, though he was an okay shooter. He played for eight franchises during his career, which is rarely a good sign.

Unlucky on the court, unlucky in love too, for Kris Humphries. In what many have called a publicity stunt, Kris Humphries was married to Kim during a two-part KUWTK special. After 72 days of marriage, Kim hit him with the divorce papers, leading Kris to cry fraud. Their claims were eventually settled in court, with the couple officially divorcing in 2013, approximately a year before her marriage to soon-to-be ex-husband, Kanye West.

The Absolute Best: James Harden – Team Khloe – 25.2/5.3/6.4, 44.3%

James Harden Khloe Kardashian: KUWTK

The recent Brooklyn-transplant has had a truly remarkable NBA career since entering the draft in 2009. He has averaged near God-like stats, leading to eight All-Star appearances, one MVP title, three scoring champion titles, one Sixth Man Award, and seven All-NBA honors. Though he still hasn’t snatched a ring, it does seem inevitable now that he’s reunited with old playmate Kevin Durant. James Harden is proof that Kurses aren’t real.

By all accounts, Harden’s remarkable rebounding abilities extend beyond the court. He swooped on Khloe in 2015 as she was getting over Odom’s troubles and the stress that they brought with them. When asked about his time with Khloe, Harden echoed the complaints of McCant’s, claiming the attention brought by dating a Kardashian was more than he bargained for. So, maybe the Kurse is real, after all.

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