Jabra Move Style Edition Review: Great Headphone at Amazing Price


Jabra has been emerged to be one of the best audiophile device manufacturers in the past few years. They have gained huge popularity in the audiophile market by providing great sets of Audio devices under a great price range. The thing for which they have been known for is their Headphones. Jabra has been continuously pushing quality headphones to the market.

One of the most popular headphone series of Jabra is its Move Wireless series. And now again,  the company has updated this series with the launch of Jabra Move Style Edition headphone. This is one of the best premium wireless headphone available under a $100 USD budget. They look classy, sounds well, have good connectivity, and huge battery life.

I have used this headphone for a week and now giving you an unbiased review. Does it really a premium headphone to consider? Is that really worth to buy Jabra Move Style Edition headphone? Let’s check it out!

Design and Build Quality

Jabra Move Style Edition headphone is perfectly crafted to comfortably sits on the ear. Both of the ear cups are covered with best quality cushions which doesn’t hurt your ears even after long hours of wearing. The build quality of these headphones is quite premium in this budget. They come with a stainless steel headband blanketed by slightly cushioned cloth wrap. While the upper body is made up of tough quality plastic.

The headband is adjustable via a basic sliding mechanism which works smoothly and retains its position even with moderate movement. At both of the sides, there stick 40mm drivers under plastic ear cups. However, the only flaw we found in the design of these headphones is, they don’t carry a rotatable head making them sticks to only one straight adjustment.

Each side of the ear cups contains some inputs or functional buttons. On the right ear cup, there you find a power button with Bluetooth pairing slider which sits in the same plane with a micro-USB port for charging. While on the other side, you’ll find a 3.5mm input along with playback controls. Also, there placed an omnidirectional microphone on the left ear cup for voice transmission during calls.

Features and Connectivity

Jabra Move Style Edition headphone features advanced features and connectivity. It works on Bluetooth v4.0 which offers it a good signal strength over a great range up to 10 meters. With the advanced wireless technology, Jabra offers you a reliable connection over a good range. It also allows you to connect up to 8 devices with two simultaneously connected which can be easily switched.

In addition to the wireless connectivity, Jabra Move Style Headphones also comes with optional wired connectivity via a 3.5mm headphone jack. This makes it useful to continue listening to your favorite track even if you are a signal restricts area, or to synchronize with an audio device without Bluetooth connectivity.

This headphone allows you to control your basic music commands by using onboard functional buttons which are placed in the side of the ear cups. You can adjust the volume, change tracks, power on/off, or can connect with your device using Bluetooth pairing slider. In addition, Jabra Move Style Edition headphone comes with a virtual assistant to input some basic commands.

One of the downfalls of these headphones is they don’t come with a water-resistant design making them unfit for use while doing exercise. As in the case, if you do sweat and something gets damaged, the company will not take responsibility for that as such type of issues are not covered under 1 year of warranty.

Sound and Battery

Jabra has been known for its audiophiles delivering great sound. And so, this headphone also provides crystal clear sound. Bass response is appropriate and mildly exaggerated while mids are clearly relayed. However, the isolation of this headphone is poor. For good isolation, you must properly cover your ear. Apart from this, Jabra Move Style Edition headphone perfectly delivers great sound with good bass and mids.

As for the battery, Jabra claims 14-hour battery life for the headphones; however, during our test, it lasted for 13.25 hours on continuous usage which is quite close to the battery life claimed by the company. It takes approximately 1.5 hours to charge the headphones via the included micro-USB cable.  Overall, the battery life of this headphone is quite promising at this price range.


If you are looking for a premium Bluetooth headphone and is concise with the budget, then this is one of the best headphone available under $100 USD budget. They fulfill all the criteria which we look upon while buying a Bluetooth headphone. They’re sleek, lightweight, produce clear sound, and are affordable. So, as per our review, it’s a worth buy product.

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