#IStandWithRayFisher Trends After Cyborg Actor is Removed from Flash Movie


#IStandWithRayFisher is trending on Twitter after the actor announced that his character, Cyborg, had been removed from upcoming DCEU film The Flash.

#IStandWithRayFisher trends on Twitter after the actor announced that he has been removed from The Flash. Fisher began speaking out against DCEU studio Warner Bros. in 2020, particularly for Joss Whedon’s treatment of him and others on the set of Justice League. He had also detailed behind-the-scenes racism and abusive treatment that led to him not wanting to be involved with the DCEU. Fisher has openly said that he will not play Cyborg as long as Walter Hamada is the DC Films president.

Fisher appeared briefly as Cyborg in 2016’s Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. He then went on to play a major role in 2017’s Justice League. With the impending release of the Snyder Cut, Fisher will be in the spotlight again, as Cyborg is said to feature prominently in Snyder’s version of the film. The future, however, is unclear for Fisher. His announcement that he has been removed from The Flash details Hamada’s attempts at covering up his allegations.

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The announcement also prompted #IStandWithRayFisher to trend on Twitter. DCEU fans and industry folks alike are coming out to support the actor for standing up against DC Films head Hamada. The hashtag began trending last night, shortly after Fisher posted his statement. It is still trending as of this writing, with over 50,000 tweets in support of the actor. Most of the tweets proclaim their support for Fisher and then go on to blast WB for their treatment of the actor, with many calling on the company to step in and do something.

Ray Fisher as Cyborg in Justice League

Fisher’s firing from The Flash seems to be an attempt to remove him from the situation. WB seeing Fisher as the problem and not people like Hamada is what leads to issues like this in the first place. Fisher alleges that Hamada did everything he could to protect his friend and DC Films co-president Geoff Johns in lieu of supporting his decision to speak out against the abuses he faced. Many cast members have come out in support of Fisher, but that does not seem to have swayed Hamada’s decision.

Hamada just extended his deal with WB until 2023. What that means for Fisher is unclear. While the actor states that he will not be playing Cyborg in The Flash, there’s no word on whether or not he has left the DCEU entirely. This is after he has said that he has not stepped down from the role, at least publicly. Fisher’s role as Cyborg was an exciting addition to the DCEU, a chance to explore a hero that is not often thought of. His performance in Justice League was emotional and exciting and many were hoping he could continue that in The Flash. Fisher may not be in that film, but he certainly will leave an impact on the DCEU for the better.

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