iSkysoft Data Recovery Software – How to Retrieve Deleted Files on PC by Using iSkysoft

Losing files stored on a computer is something that people often accidentally do. It is very annoying especially if the files are important ones. But, is there any way to recover the deleted data? Well, thanks to today’s technology that there are many options of data recovery software can be found out there to help you get back the lost files.

How to Get Back the Lost Data

Basically, most of the software for data recovery work the same way. To give you a clear description of how to recover the lost data on your computer, here is the basic process you need to follow.

  1. Download the Software

The very first thing you should do is downloading the data recovery software on your computer. Once the downloading process is completed, make sure that you install it to a different hard drive.

  1. Choose the Disk

The next thing should be done is selecting the disk that contains the deleted data. This will make it possible for the software to scan the lost files.

  1. Pick Up the Files

Next, you can pick up the files that you intend to recover. You can do it simply by pausing the scanning process once you find the data you have lost before.

  1. Choose a Save Location

Last but not least is selecting a save location. This is important since the recovery process will work more successfully if the data is saved in a different location to the original one.

What Is the Best Software to Select?

Unfortunately, there are so many options of software for data recovery that you can find out there. This, of course, will make the selection process becomes a bit tricky. iSkysoft is one of the most recommended data recovery programs to opt. Whatever problem that causes you to lose the data, iSkysoft will recover data from the computer and any storage device in a relatively short time. iSkysoft data recovery software has been used by many people to help them get back their lost data. The software is easy to use and there are many features that the users can enjoy. Here are interesting features offered by iSkysoft data recovery.

  1. Deleted Files Recovery

This deleted file recovery feature will make it possible for the users to retrieve all types of data. It offers a comprehensive files recovery solution to allow users to find their lost data back from any type of devices. In other words, the software will recover data from the computer and any storage device easily.

  1. Recovery Recycle Bin

Most of the time, people can still recover the lost data through recycle bin. But, what if you lost files stored in the recycle bin? That will be a disaster. With the iSkysoft data recovery, this will not be a big deal anymore since it can recover deleted data in recycle bin.

  1. Formatted Disk Recovery

Have you ever accidentally formatted your disk and lose important data because of it? Well, the iSkysoft data recovery software will solve your problem. It will bring back the data to you just in minutes.

  1. Lost Partition Recovery

Another feature to offer is lost partition recovery. The iSkysoft data recovery will recover the lost data on your computer which might be caused by disk management errors, data corruption, or malware.

  1. External Devices Recovery

iSkysoft data recovery software is a multifunctional tool. It can be used to recover not only data from Mac or PC but also external hard drives include SD card, USB flash drive, SSD, and external HDD.

  1. Virus Attack Data Recovery

The software can also be used to recover lost data caused by virus or ransomware that attack your computer which include malware, worm, and Trojan horses.

  1. System Crash Data Recovery

When your computer system crashes, you might easily lose your files stored there. iSkysoft comes with WinPE that can be downloaded to reboot your computer and retrieve the lost files. In this way, you still have a chance to get back the lost data caused by the crashed system on your computer.

  1. All-Around Recovery

Sometimes, quick modes are unable to restore specific data. But, this All-Around Recovery mode will provide the users with a thoroughly scanning on your device and then recover the data.
This iSkysoft Toolbox comes with many interesting features to make it possible for the users to get their lost data back easily and just within minutes.

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