Is TV Still Relevant Today?


In the age of smartphones, gaming consoles, and high-powered PCs, it’s just not right when there’s no internet involved. The thing is, us consumers of today’s technology need internet so we can fully utilize our devices.

These days, entertainment has really morphed thanks to the interweebz. YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Twitch, these are all available into any device with just a tap of a button. Millions of videos are uploaded everyday, meaning there is no shortage of leisure watch time.

Now the question is, since a lot of people watch videos on their devices everyday, does that mean people still watch TV? Of course there still are, but the numbers have drastically changed.

TV has also morphed; the term “TV” turned from watching programs on literally the television into a form of digital media that you can watch on any compatible device.

Whether it’s a phone, tablet or laptop you have, TV is more accessible than ever before. After all, nothing beats the feeling of being a couch potato.

TV Companies Adjusting to the Modern Audience

You know what they say, “Out with the old, in with the new.” With that, TV cable providers now offer more than just the channels. Most have additional freebies and HD channels that are nowhere else seen versus other cable providers.

Whether you’re into sports, movies or just general entertainment, you need to have it all. But then you ask, “What’s a good cable provider then?” If it were up to us, we highly recommend DIRECTV NOW.

Basically, it’s DIRECTV but more affordable without cutting too much content from its bigger predecessor. With over 60+ HD channels and a free DVR with recording storage, you wouldn’t want to settle for anything less.

And with that, we encourage you to read the full review of DIRECTV NOW from DailyWireless. Everything you need to know is in there.

But now the question is, “What’s the best way to watch TV?” We got two answers for you: Internet TV and smartphones.

Watching on Modern TV

Remember when we had to catch up to the channel’s schedule just to watch the latest episode of Dancing With The Stars and if we’re late we have to watch the scheduled replay? These days, all it takes is one search on the web and you’re good to go.

But hey, it’s always best when you can sit back on your couch, relax, and splurge all day and night on quality TV, right? That’s why companies created Internet TVs so we can enjoy traditional channels and browsing/streaming through the net.

Check out the review of the Koak 43-inch 4K Smart TV if you’re looking for a sleek new television.

Watching on a Smartphone

Yes, this is the glorious modern days where you can bring TV anywhere. Fortunately, apps like HBO GO, DIRECTV NOW, NETFLIX and DISNEY NOW make it easy for you to watch TV on the fly.

So, there you have it. TV is still relevant in today’s modern era and people still can’t get enough of it. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have some catching up to do with the final season of Game of Thrones.

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