Is it Possible to Find Someone’s Cell Phone Location by Number Only?


Have you accidentally lost your phone? Has it got stolen by someone? Or did you put it somewhere and completely forgotten about it? Whatever the case may be or whatever the reason may be, you need to track it down. But what if you have to do it using just a cell phone number? Is it even possible? Let’s find the answer to the most commonly asked question, “how to find someone’s location by cell phone number.”

In case you have lost your phone somewhere then chances of retrieving it becomes slightly better until it reaches someone’s hand. The minute it comes into the possession of someone, the task of tracking it down becomes a bit more challenging. The one who’s got hands on your phone may turn off the phone’s GPS or the data pack, making it difficult for you to locate the phone.

What you are left with is the option of tracking the phone using the cell phone number. This will only work to some extent and that too if the number remains active. So, is it possible to track a cell phone location by number? Or is it an impossible task? Let’s find out.

How to Find Someone’s Location by Cell Phone Number

Finding someone’s location by cell phone number is indeed possible. You must have seen in many movies where authorities make use of this technique to track a cell phone location by number. In the scene, it is usually shown that as soon as the phone is switched on and the SIM card becomes live, a small red light appears to blink on the police department’s map. The technique uses the cell number phone to track a phone without involving the use of GPS or any such technology.

Now, the question is, can a normal person have access to such a technology which is being probably used by Government only to track down someone’s (let’s say a criminal) phone using the number. The answer is no. If you are a normal citizen then under no circumstances you are allowed to track someone’s cell phone using the number. You can access their name or address but only this information may not be sufficient for finding your stolen phone.

Having said that, we would like to discuss another way to track a cell phone location. Thanks to the advanced technology, we can now track down a cell phone’s location using a different technique. The technique comprises the use of a cell phone tracking app or cell phone monitoring app. Let’s learn more about it in the next section.

How to Track a Cell Phone Location Via Cell Phone Tracking App

You must have been familiar with a cell phone tracking app. It is, basically, a cell phone monitoring solution. A cell phone monitoring solution is designed to cater to your cell phone monitoring needs, allowing you to monitor someone’s cell phone device.

Location tracking is one of the popular features offered by a cell phone monitoring app. It comes with several other surveillance features as well but our major concern lies in knowing more about the location tracking feature.

A cell phone tracking app uses GPS technology to track down someone’s cell phone. It works even if the GPS of the cell phone has been turned off. To begin tracking down a cell phone, all you need to do is download a reliable cell phone monitoring app from the website and have it installed on the target phone, whose cell phone location you wish to monitor. All the cell phone trackers claiming to teach how to tap a cell phone with just the number may not always work or turn out to be bogus, therefore a trustworthy cell phone tracking app is highly recommended.

If the target phone is an Android device, then you just need to have physical access of the phone for a few minutes to be able to install the cell phone tracking app on the device. For an iPhone or any other iOS device, no physical access is required. You just need to have the iTunes credentials of the target phone to be able to monitor the cell phone location via a cell phone tracking app.

Once the cell phone tracking app is set in place, it will start tracking the target phone’s location and then share the tracking details on your online dashboard. The location of the target phone is recorded frequently and is updated on the online dashboard at regular intervals. You can remotely track the cell phone location via a cell phone tracking app from anywhere and at any time.

Let us conclude the discussion by saying it may not be always practical to locate a cell phone using just the number. You may risk a lot of things, including your own security. Therefore, if you want to opt for a safer and reliable option then we would recommend using a cell phone tracking app for this purpose. Besides, this app is not only used to track someone’s cell phone location. It can be used to monitor kids to keep them safe online and even employees to make sure they are maintaining ethical grounds at work. So, if you need to locate someone’s device, a cell phone monitoring app must be the answer.

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