Intel P4500 32TB SSD Launched Commercially


Intel has Launched the world’s densest SSD dubbed as Intel SSD DC P4500, that can store up to 32TB of storage. It required half the airflow to maintain cool and one-tenth of the power making it a darling of enormous data users in the universe of storage.

The new launch aimed to cater data centers the Intel SSD DC P4500 looks like an old-fashioned 12-inch ruler and can store 32 terabytes. The company to hint at the huge storage capacity provided comparison which equals to triple the entire printed collection of the US Library of Congress. Built on Intel 3D NAND technology instead of having just one it has stacked memory cells in thin layers and memory cells in the P4500 are stacked 64 layers deep.

The old storages with massive storages are too large, heat a lot and above all the precaution to maintain temperature for a proper functioning of storages always remain a problem. The new wave of SSD’s is sweeping across the tech universe is a rapid manner and creating interest among consumers and cloud providers to the same extent.

The company said that 32 of the SSDs could be lined up side by side to store a petabyte in a single server slot and require lesser airflow and power. This is one of the reasons some of the world’s biggest data companies — IBM, Microsoft, and Tencent are using the new ‘ruler’ SSD to support their cloud and data center operations.

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