Instagram Emoji Shortcuts Now Available on Android and iPhone


Emojis are now an elemental part of a conversation in social networks. They are used for fun, for a more expressive conversion, or just to show your real emotion towards your message. The use of emoji is now a big deal, and it was wide of variety of characters available spreading its popularity all over the cyber world.

These past years, people are having a bit of difficulty using an emoji in their comments on Instagram. They have to go at the emoji tab of their keyboard first just to use them. It is not that a disturbing one, but every second is a precious moment that’s why Instagram made their step towards this bit of issue.

Just recently yesterday, Instagram has introduced an emoji shortcut bar on their Android and iOS app that offers the people a quick and easy access to their most-used emoji icons. It is one good feature when you want to easily put an emoji on your comment, the emojis are already in your front.

The emoji shortcuts can be found on top of the comment bar and will not interfere with your keyboard whenever you want to use it. Even though this was just a recent release, it has been in public testing for a few months ago, they started the test since May for both Android and iOS.

Aside from this recent update from Instagram, it is reported that they are currently working on an e-commerce application that would seem to be a standalone platform and is a bit different compared to the other social networking sites who have already taken a step towards e-commerce.

There is also a new verification process for the Instagram, and it is just easy to use. Just go to Settings, click the Request Verification, and once opened, enter your handle, name, and a photo of your ID, these are just the required information for you for the meantime.

Instagram is having a lot of plans and updates just to improve their platform, and we can expect more from them as they will continue their constant improvement.  Stay in touch with TechnoCodex and we will bring you the latest updates.

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