Instagram Accidentally Releases an Update which Switched the Feed to Horizontal Scrolling, People were in Disarray


Recently in the Thursday Morning, Instagram started testing its New Horizontal Feed for some users. In place of vertical scrolling, this time Instagram has tested its Horizontal Feed Scrolling which was quite confusing and was criticized by Instagram Users.

The company was testing this feature back in this October in the Explore Section, but now they have tested this same feature on the main feed section. However, the update was live only for about an hour, which lets the user navigate to their feed like they use to do in their Stories Section of the Instagram app.

This new horizontal feed combined all the post into single which user can go through by scrolling it horizontally. The progress of the feed was seen clearly from a scrolling bar at the top. The comment section of each feed could be seen by simply sliding upward vertically.

Users were facing harder to go through their feed with the brand new layout. One of its drawbacks was that one can only focus on a single post at a time. Another such drawback was with the story section which you can access just by swiping downward, instead of scrolling them at the top of your feed.

Soon after its release, people show their dissatisfaction on Twitter and made #instagramupdate running on No.1 in the US. People started threatening that they are going to uninstall Instagram until this update gets reversed. Soon after this misfortune, Adam Mosseri, Head of the Instagram apologizes and tweeted saying that “this was supposed to be a very small test but we went broader than we anticipated.”

However, the sooner this feature was released, the sooner it was removed and the old vertical scrolling came back into the role. However, looking at this incident, it can be concluded that Instagram is preparing to roll out this feature on every platform. Stay tuned with TechnoCodex for more updates.

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