Inon Zur, Composer for Fallout, Dragon Age Games Working on Next-Gen Title


Inon Zur is working on a new next-gen title, but which one is anyone’s guess

If you ask a Fallout player what they remember most about the franchise, they may tell you that the world it takes place in stands out the most. Or maybe Ron Perlman’s raspy reading of the game’s intro sequences, at least, prior to Fallout 4. But one thing that any Fallout fan can recite, or at least admit has buried itself into their brains, is the opening track featured in most of the games. Players can thank composer Inon Zur for that and much more. Besides working on the Fallout franchise, he’s made music for the Dragon Age games, among others, and now he’s working on an upcoming next-gen title.

Revealed through a tweet on his personal Twitter page, Zur showed a massive orchestra, assumedly tuned up and ready to go. In the tweet, Zur says the ensemble of musicians is for “a massive next-gen game.”

While it’s exciting knowing that the composer behind the main themes of Falloutand 4 is back to work, it’s impossible to say for sure what he’s working on. That being said, making an educated guess certainly isn’t.

Zur has enjoyed a close relationship with Bethesda recently, having worked on the soundtracks for every entry in the Fallout franchise since Fallout 3, and yes, that includes Fallout 76. However, without a Fallout title announced by the RPG giant, the pickings for a title that Zur could be composing for are slim. At this point, it’s likely that he’s making music for The Elder Scrolls VI, arguably Bethesda’s most hotly anticipated title that’s been kept under wraps. Considering Zur’s experience with fantasy themes – just listen to his work in the Dragon Age franchise – it wouldn’t be too far fetched.





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