Huawei’s 5G Smartphone to Utilise Copper Cooling sheets for Enhanced Cooling


Working on 5G smartphones Huawei would be using cooling elements made by Auras Technology as smartphones with 5G have to be efficient thermal absorbers due to high transmission speed as much as 10 times higher than 4G smartphones.

The handsets made by Huawei would be powered by Huawei made 5G modem instead of using Qualcomm’s X50 or Intel’s XMM 8000 5G modems as it showcased its first 5G modem, the Balong 5G01, at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February.

Companies are yet to announce officially regarding the details although Auras chairman YS Lin said that 5G is going to force phone vendors to adopt high-performance thermal solutions for their brand new devices..

Currently, graphite is used as insulator or heat absorber but with the new technology, processing would be around 10 times higher making the device to heat a lot and require superb thermal-solutions bringing Copper in the picture and one of the leading companies providing premium cooling solutions Aurus Technology.  The copper sheets would be around .4 mm thick employed for the task as the 5G is expected to consume 2.5 times power than 4G modems.

Digitimes stated, “Such cooling sheets involve much higher costs than graphite sheets adopted in the cooling modules for most smartphones and heat dissipation pipes used by Samsung, LG, and HTC, and are therefore suitable for 5G smartphones carrying relatively higher unit price tags”.

The introduction of copper would increase the price significantly of the devices making it a premium and another issue will be adding extra weight with increased size to accommodate thermal solutions. The expected date of Huawei’s 5G smartphone launch would be next year in the month of June. However, Aurus would start production of copper cooling modules from September.

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