HTC to Launch Exodus Blockchain-powered Smartphone on October 22


HTC might be having some financial struggles that is why they are continuously looking into new areas and opportunity for growth. One of their step into looking for growth is their goal to create a blockchain-enabled smartphone called Exodus.

HTC made an announcement about the Exodus earlier this year. Exodus is interesting in the fact that it will be a blockchain smartphone, which is the same technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Recently, HTC has revealed that the announcement event for the Exodus model will be on October 22. The manufacturer launched the news via a brand new Instagram page created specifically for the upcoming device.

No further information was revealed about the device, what we know right now about Exodus is that it is a crypto phone and will basically serve as a very safe hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum according to HTC project lead, Phil Chen.

HTC EXODUS also integrates blockchain and decentralization technology into smartphones and adopted the technology of Social Key Recovery. Using this technology, users can hand over the keys to several friends and relatives separately for safety, and one will worry about the loss of his digital assets if the phone will be lost.

The Social Key Recovery technology has originated from the algorithm of Shamir’s Secret Sharing who was invented by Adi Shamir, the world’s renowned Israeli cryptographer, according to the forum of HTC Exodus. Its algorithm can disassemble a series of complicated messages into different blocks, it’s just like completing a puzzle, wherein you can put all the pieces together to obtain the whole message. If we are to look at these features, this phone is really a big one in terms of security.

Aside from that, there is also a plan to launch a game with CryptoKitties, which was assumed to be the “world’s biggest game” built on blockchain technology. HTC Exodus’ software will be based on Android, but security protocols and apps meant for handling the necessary encryption for safe handling of the coins will be added. Phil Chen has also stated the phone will cost about $1,000. Stay tuned with TechnoCodex to get all its latest updates.

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