How to Unlock and Play GTA Online’s Secret Casino Missions


On July 23, Rockstar Games made the Diamond Hotel and Casino accessible to the players of Grand Theft Auto: Online. Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online have lots of easter eggs, and once again dedicated players have found two new secret missions named Damage Control’ and Under the Influence”, which players can access after the new Diamond Casino update.

These secret GTA Online missions can only be activated through a specific process. If you are wondering how to access the GTA Online secret casino missions, we have a guide for you. Just follow the instructions below.

How to access GTA Online’s Secret Casino missions

  • Unlock and play the secret casino mission ‘Damage Control’
  • Unlock and play the secret casino mission ‘Under the Influence’

Unlock and play the secret casino mission ‘Damage Control’

To access the mission, first, you have to purchase the ‘Penthouse Suite’ upgrade. You can also go to the main casino bar, but the Penthouse Suite will let you quickly go back to the bar again.

After that, visit the penthouse bar or the public bar. Now you have to order ‘Macbeth’ Whisky shots and drink it until you collapse and blackout on the floor. Your main objective here is to get wasted and wake up in random locations.

You will wake up in places such as your bed or the bathroom. After doing it multiple times, you may wake up outside, with paramedics checking on you. This is where you start playing the secret casino mission Damage Control’.

After waking up, casino manager Ms. Baker will call you and ask about your hangover. You will also learn that you have stolen a delivery truck in your drunken state, which you have to return to the casino before the time limit. Completing the mission requires a simple drive, but there is no reward for finishing this job. But this will give you the ability to access a second secret mission named Under The Influence’.

Unlock and play the secret casino mission ‘Under the Influence’

Unlike the first secret casino mission which requires you to drink inside the main casino itself, you can unlock this mission by visiting any bar throughout the GTA Online map. Just buy some drinks at the bar until your character gets very tipsy and the screen starts distorting, but not to the point of blacking out. After doing it, take out your iFruit phone, head to contacts and call Ms. Baker, then choose the ‘Request Work’ option if you are lucky enough to see it on the first attempt. This is how you can trigger the secret GTA Online casino mission Under the Influence’.

This secret casino mission tasks you to obtain and deliver a particular car for a client. Though it should be noted that it is not a simple delivery mission. You will have to ride a hoverbike and reach the destination of the target vehicle. The target vehicle is on the police wanted list, and you will encounter multiple roadblocks as soon as you start driving the vehicle. Your character will remain drunk for the entire mission, so drive carefully and avoid police cars on the way to the delivery point. Also, note that there is no special reward for completing this mission.

If you want to see all of this in action, click here to check out the Youtube video from Influx.

It’s kinda disappointing that the secret missions in Grand Theft Auto: Online do not give a special reward to the player. Having said that, the secret casino missions are still unique and quite enjoyable. We hope Rockstar Games put more hidden easter egg missions like this in the near future.

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