How To Transfer From Pokemon Go To Pokemon Home


Pokemon Go support has finally been added to Pokemon Home, meaning you can now transfer your Pokemon over from the mobile game to the cloud storage service. The process works a little differently than transferring Pokemon from other games, however, so we’ve put together this step-by-step guide outlining how to move your Pokemon from Go to Home.

Connect Pokemon Go To Your Nintendo Account

Before you can transfer a Pokemon, you’ll first need to connect Pokemon Go to the same Nintendo Account you have linked to Pokemon Home. After you’ve fired up the game, tap on the Poke Ball icon at the bottom of the screen and then select the Settings option in the top right-hand corner. Scroll down and tap Pokemon Home; you’ll then be prompted to sign in with your Nintendo Account.

Bear in mind that the ability to transfer Pokemon from Go to Home is currently limited to level 40 players, so you may not see the option listed in the Settings menu yet. Niantic is gradually rolling the feature out to more users, so keep checking back to see if it’s become available.

Select Pokemon To Transfer To Pokemon Home

After you’ve linked Pokemon Go to your Pokemon Home account, you’ll be able transfer most monsters from the game to the storage service (barring a few exceptions, which we’ll delve further into below). To start the transfer process, go to the Pokemon Home section in Settings and tap Send Pokemon. This will open the Go Transporter. Tap on the Pokemon you’d like to send over to Pokemon Home and select Transport to move them.

Pokemon Go transfer screen


There are a few caveats to keep in mind before transferring a Pokemon. First, the Go Transporter requires sufficient energy to send Pokemon to Home. Certain monsters will use up different amounts of energy depending on their rarity; for instance, Shiny or Legendary Pokemon will cost significantly more energy to transfer than a standard Pokemon. The Go Transporter will be fully energized the first time you use it, but you’ll need to wait a set amount of time afterward for the Transporter to build up energy again. You can also bypass the wait time by spending PokeCoins, but it will be very pricey.

As previously mentioned, not every Pokemon can be transferred from Go to Home. Go-specific monsters, such as Armored Mewtwo or any costumed Pokemon that were available as part of a Pokemon Go event, cannot be transferred to Pokemon Home. You also can’t transfer any Shadow, purified, or Lucky Pokemon, as well as any monsters that are currently Mega-Evolved.

Certain Pokemon that are in an alternate form will change after they’ve been transferred to Pokemon Home. For instance, Origin Forme Giratina will transform into Altered Forme once it’s been moved to the storage service, while Sunny or Rainy Castform will revert back to its normal appearance. These forms are not treated as separate Pokemon in the mainline games, so they can take on their alternate forms again if you transfer them into Pokemon Sword or Shield and meet the right conditions.

Finally, as is the case when you transfer monsters over from Pokemon Bank, each transfer is a one-way affair. Any Pokemon that you move from Go to Home cannot be returned to its original game, so keep that in mind before you transfer any of your monsters to the storage service.

Receive Your Pokemon

After you’ve sent Pokemon using the Go Transporter, you’ll need to receive them in Pokemon Home. Open the app on your mobile device, tap on the menu button on the bottom of the screen, and select Options. Scroll down until you see Pokemon Go Link, then tap Receive to complete the transfer process.

How To Claim Your Free Gigantamax Melmetal

After you’ve transferred a Pokemon from Go to Home for the first time, you’ll receive a special gift: a Melmetal that’s capable of Gigantamaxing. To claim the Pokemon, open the mobile version of Pokemon Home, tap on the menu button on the bottom of the screen, and select Mystery Gift. You’ll find the special Melmetal waiting in your Gift Box.

That’s not the only present you’ll receive for transferring a Pokemon; you’ll also get a Mystery Box in Pokemon Go (if you haven’t already received one by transferring a Pokemon into Let’s Go, Pikachu or Let’s Go, Eevee). The Mystery Box is a special item that causes Meltan to spawn in the wild for a limited time, making it the only way to catch the Mythical Pokemon.

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