How To Recall An Email in Outlook


You may find yourself in a situation where you accidentally sent an email to the wrong person. It has probably happened to most of us, especially Microsoft Outlook users. But if it’s not too late, then you can possibly recall an Outlook email.

With message recall, you can remove the sent email from recipients’ mailboxes, if only it is unopened. You can also replace it with a replacement email. For example, if you forgot to include an attachment, you can retract the sent email, and then send a replacement message including the attachment.

In this guide, we’ll give you all the necessary instructions to help you recall an email in Microsoft Outlook. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions, as shown below, to avoid embarrassment quickly.

Recall and Replace an Email

The Email recall feature works only when both you and the recipient have a Microsoft Exchange email or Office 365 account in the same organization.

  1. Head over to the Sent Items folder from the folder pane on the left.
  2. Now double-click to open the email that you want to recall from the sent items.
  3. Click the Message tab on top of the app window, then choose the drop-down Actions menu from the option bar below.
  4. Select Recall This Message from the list of options. In case you don’t see the option, you probably don’t have access to a Microsoft Exchange account.
  5. When the “Recall This Message” window appears, either select Delete unread copies of this message to recall the email, or Delete unread copies and replace with a new message to delete the email and send a substitute email to the recipient.
  6. Once you do it, click OK. If you are sending a substitute email to the recipient, then compose it and click Send.

Reasons Why It Didn’t Work

In case this guide didn’t work for you, read this before you furiously go in the comments section below and express your frustration. There are some things you have to confirm before you proceed to recall the message.

  • The recipient hasn’t checked or opened the email.
  • The email is not moved to another folder from the recipient’s inbox by a filter.
  • Azure Information Protection was not used to protect and classify the email.
  • You have the Microsoft Outlook client installed on your PC as the recall feature is unavailable on the web version of Outlook. 
  • As previously mentioned, both the sender and the recipient need a Microsoft Exchange email in order to utilize the email recall feature.
  • The recipient does not use Gmail as the email client.

If your situation meets the above requirements, then recalling the email should work as intended.

Wrapping Up

Recalling an email isn’t as easy or reliable as deleting a message in WhatsApp or Telegram. In this guide, we have provided detailed steps for assisting you in recalling an email in Microsoft Outlook. Following these instructions will hopefully save you from embarrassment.

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