How to purify Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Go


If you are fond of playing Pokemon Go and is wondering how to purify shadow Pokemon in that then you are at the right place. Shadow Pokemon are just a new introduction in the Pokemon Go and that’s the reason why many players out there are confused about them and didn’t know much about purifying them. Don’t worry! We have covered each and everything you need to know about purifying the Shadow Pokemon Go. So, read on to get more details over it. 

How to purify shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Go

In Pokemon Go, Shadow Pokemon are those Pokemon that Team Rocket has brought with them. Whenever you defeat a Team Rocket GO Grunt, you’ll have the opportunity to catch a shadow Pokemon that they’ve left behind. However, once you caught them you will see thier CP is significantly lower than you’d expect. This need to be purified before you can actually use them. 

There are many advantages of purifying a Shadow Pokemon. A purified Pokemon will have a great IV boost along with a good hike in the CP of the Pokemon. This will make the Pokemon evolve at slightly cheaper resources as you have already invested some candies while purifying them. The downside to purification is that it will learn Return, which is a normal-type charged attack which, unfortunately, isn’t very powerful.

When it comes to purifying Shadow Pokemon, you must need to remember some important things. First of all, make sure you appraise it and check the IV. Purifying a shadow Pokemon will add two points to each IV stat, so if you have a 13/13/13 shadow Pokemon, after purifying it, you’ll be left with a 100% IV Pokemon. In case, if the Shadow Pokemon has a bad IV, we will recommend you not to purify it as it will be of no use for you. 

Now jumping to the main section. To purify a shadow Pokemon, head on to your Pokemon list. There find the shadow Pokemon. Once you find yours, you will see an option called “Purify” just above the ‘Power up’ and ‘Evolve’ options. Simply click on the Purify button. It will ask you to spend a few thousand stardust along with a couple of candy specific to that Pokemon. Once you fulfill the demands, your Pokemon will be purified instantly.

In this way, you can purify any Shadow Pokemon in the Pokemon Go to make them more boosted and to reduce the evolving time. 

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