How to Protect your Eyes from too much Gaming


Protecting the health of your eyes cannot be stated enough. It is one of the most crucial factors for your overall health. Gaming, as we all know, is lots of fun, but it comes with some downsides. If done excessively, it can lead to eye health issues. Our eyes get damaged at varying extents depending on how much exposure we give them to screens, and other factors. There are however ways of reducing the impact of gaming, and overall screen time, to our eyes. Reducing our screen time to the recommended two hours a day or less is impractical for most of us, and that is why it is essential to do anything within our ability to protect our eyes during long gaming sessions.
This guide will look into some of the steps you can take to protect your eyes from too much gaming:

1. Position your monitor further away from you

This is perhaps the most straightforward way of ensuring better health for your eyes. Adding the distance between your eyes and your monitor reduces eye strain. Also, the amount of blue light that reaches your eyes is reduced. However, you will need to strike a balance between properly seeing what’s going on in-game and protecting your eyes: you have to find the ideal distance for both results. Increasing the text size displayed on your monitor will help with proper sight even with the increased distance.

2. Adjust Brightness

Reducing the brightness of your monitor will go a long way in protecting your eyes when gaming. Our eyes are very sensitive to bright light sources, and we recommend that you reduce your brightness level to a point where you can still see clearly while keeping the harmful blue light that gets in your eyes to a minimum level. Most gaming enthusiasts that use have said that reducing screen brightness of their monitors, to a favorable level, eliminated a lot of the straining of the eyes.

3. Get a high-quality monitor

If you would still want to keep the bright colors, getting a high-end monitor from companies such as BenQ or Asus could help with your eye care because these monitors have eye-care display options and other forms of technology meant to cater for the health of your eyes. Their IPS displays emit less harmful blue light. Additionally, other than the health benefits, these monitors have better picture quality and offer higher frame rates that make your gaming all the more enjoyable.

4. Avoid gaming in a dark room

You probably have experienced eye irritations and mild headaches after gaming in the dark. This is because playing (or any form of reading) in the dark puts extra strain on your eyes. The eyes have to work harder for you to see clearly. That is why one gets eye related headaches. Gaming in the dark is highly discouraged.

5. Wear computer glasses

There are specialized computer eyewear made explicitly for reducing the blue light that gets in your eyes, which reduces eye strain. We, however, recommend that you try these glasses yourself first to see whether they will be helpful as some users have reported more eye irritation from the glasses.

6. Take a break every hour

Taking breaks from gaming helps the eyes to rest and reduces the overall eye strain. Taking a break every hour is highly recommended since it gives the eyes enough time to rest and relax which reduces strain and irritation. Other than the health benefits, your brain gets to relax, which allows you to focus and play better.

7. Play less

Gaming less goes a long way in maintaining the health of your eyes. Keeping your gaming to less than 5 hours a day will avoid putting a strain on your eyes. We all know that reducing gaming time to the recommended level is not as easy as it sounds, and we suggest that you do it gradually. Playing for more than six hours a day is harmful to your eyes.
As we have discussed above, there are various practical ways of protecting our eyes from the effects of staring at gaming screens. Proper positioning of the monitor and using the minimum brightness are two of the ways that you can do this. The monitor that you use is also an essential factor in maintaining your eye health. Playing fewer hours and taking breaks during gaming sessions also helps. We also recommend that you avoid gaming in a dark room and try out the specialized computer eyewear.
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