How to Prepare Your Mac before Selling It


What can I do before I sell or give away my MacBook? You just have to clean it both outside and inside and reinstall a new version of the operating system. But wait. Before you clean it, we’ve some important information to share with you. Just continue reading to learn more.
If you are lucky to have bought a new Mac, you might want to sell your old computer or give it away as a gift. The first thing you must do before you sell it is to clear all the data and information. You want to wipe the hard drive completely so that your personal data does not fall in the hands of a malicious user.
But before you can wipe the data, will you need the data and information stored in the old MacBook in future? If yes, then you need to ensure you save it safely either on a new computer or somewhere else where you can access it when you need it. There are many places to sell your computer for instance; you can sell MacBook to Macback.US.
If you are considering selling or giving away your MacBook, this article is for you. We will show you how to prepare it before selling it.

  1. Back up Your MacBook

I guess you will want to use the data stored in your old MacBook in some days to come. If that’s true of you, then you need to back up the data. If you have already bought a new MacBook, you can move all the data from your old computer or use the Time Machine. Note that it is good to have more than one back up media, so in case one fails, you can use the other one.
Other back up media you can use are Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper. These back up options can help to transfer your data from the old MacBook’s hard drive to an external Hard Drive.

  1. Sign Out of All Active Accounts

If you have an active iTunes, iCloud or iMessage account, you need to sign out of all these accounts because all are registered under your name. Selling or giving away your Mac with all the accounts means that the person you are selling the machine can use it on your behalf which is sometimes risky. To avoid this from happening, you need to deactivate all the accounts.

  • Sign out of iTunes
  • Open iTunes on your Mac
  • Go to Accounts
  • Click on Sign Out

It will prompt you to enter your Apple ID or Password and then click Sign Out.

  • Sign Out of iCloud
  • Click on the Apple Menu
  • Go to System Preferences
  • Choose iCloud
  • Uncheck the Find My Mac BOX
  • When prompted, enter your passcode
  • Click Sign Out
  • When asked, click Remove data from this Mac.
  • Sign Out of iMessage
  • Click Messages on your Mac
  • Go to Preferences
  • Choose your iMessage account
  • Click Sign Out
  1. Format You Hard Drive and Install a clean Version of operating system

Now that you have a backup of your data, you’ve also signed out of all Apple accounts, you can erase everything on your MacBook by reformatting the hard drive. You will then install a clean version of the operating system and pack your Mac for selling.
That’s all.

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