How to Play Google’s Secret Text Adventure Game


Google is famous for its clever mini-games over the years, ranging from the offline dinosaur endless runner game to hiding Pokemon throughout Google Maps. Now a new secret simple text adventure has been discovered.
There is a newly discovered hidden Google text adventure game, having the properties of classic text games like Zork: The Great Underground Empire and online MUDs. Well, for you to be familiar with text games, it is an old-school adventure game, all of the commands need to be entered as a text. You can move from room to room by choosing or typing a directional command from the available options or listed exits at the bottom of the screen.
If you are interested in this text game, just continue reading. In order to play this game, you need to have a Google Chrome browser, Firefox and Edge are supported as well.  Open Chrome and navigate directly to Once on you are on the homepage, you have to search for ‘text adventure.’
When the search results page has been loaded, press CTRL+SHIFT+J, or CMD+Option+J on Mac systems. A popup window will open on the right side of the page, and if you made the right steps, the game will appear and will show you a prompt message to type ‘yes’ to play.
Just type ‘yes’ at the bottom text field of the window, then the text will now appear directing you into the game’s scenario. Now it is up to you to find all the letters of Google that have gone missing, and start the classic adventure.
Once the adventure has started, take care to read over the descriptions in each room. There are special items that have to be picked up using the ‘grab’ command for you to complete certain puzzles or fight the bosses on the room. You can use the items for some instances just by typing the ‘use’ command.
If the available object in the player’s inventory is valid, it will automatically be used then a new scenario will appear which commonly leads a new exit. You can also look at your current item by typing the ‘inventory’ command, and if you need a hand on some of the commands, just type ‘help.’
The game will be completed when all of the letters have been found and collected. There is no reward for completing the game but the classical enjoyment is rest assured. The game was discovered by attempt_number_1 on Reddit. According to the other Reddit user, “the locations detailed in the game correspond to ‘Google Mountain View buildings 45/47 on Charleston Road”.  Even though the identity of the creator is still unknown, this could be a hint that it was from the Charleston Campus Google engineer.
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