How to mute any chat on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram


Chat apps have always been the best way to interact online with our friends and family. But there are some annoying people and group exists to whom we don’t want to interact all the time. So, to counter these problems, most of the popular chat apps come with Mute feature that temporarily hides alerts from a particular chat for a certain period. It’s the best way to get rid of such people or groups for a certain time without being noticed that you didn’t want to receive messages from them.
So, if you also have such types of people in your contact list, we will be guiding you step-by-step to mute any chat on some popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram.


Step 1: Open the app on your phone.
Step 2: Tap on the chat you want to mute.

  • If you are using the Android app, tap on the three-dot menu on the top-right corner, and then select the Mute option.
  • If you are using the iOS app, tap on the group or person’s name, and then select the Mute option.

Step 3: Choose the time duration until you want that chat to be muted automatically.


Step 1: Open the app on your phone.
Step 2: Tap on the person or the group name, and then tap the mute icon.
Step 3: You can mute a chat for 15 minutes, one hour, eight hours, 24 hours, or forever.


Step 1: Open the app on your phone.
Step 2: ap on the chat you want to mute and tap the info icon on the top right corner.
Step 3: Tap on the mute messages toggle to stop getting notification from that chat.
In this way, you can mute any chat for a specific time period. You can unmute any chat anytime by following the same steps. The only difference you will see is in place of Mute, you will see an option for unmute. 
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