How to Manage Your Corporate Domain Portfolio


Thought you were done when you established your domain name and registered it? Did you think your business’s online base was safe and secure? Well think again. There’s more than meets the eye.

You’re not the only one if you thought everything was squared away when you established your business’s online base. Thanks to corporate domain management, your website will stay updated and secure.

This article will tell you exactly what you need to know in order to manage your business’s corporate domain portfolio.

What is Domain Management?

Domain management (previously known as domain name management) is a means of keeping a personal or corporate domain or domains stable and secure. It has a variety of uses. Most notably, it keeps domain portfolios updated and working in order to serve the websites they support.

Sometimes people have more than one domain (who would’ve ever thought?) and when that happens, it can be difficult to keep track of each of their distinct valuable assets. Domain management provides a way to get a birds-eye view and is extremely useful in managing numerous domains at once.

Domain management is an effective way to build a brand or business’s online presence, but it’s also effective in addressing the brand or business owner’s wants and desires directly. Domain management assures the website in question remains functional and accessible, that it remains live, and that it remains updated and secure.

To give you some insight, a little over 15 years ago when the Internet was young, it was a trying time for online businesses. Far more complex and difficult to maneuver than today, they more often than not struggled with what, where, when, and how to go about the domain name registration process. And when that was all said and done, the next part of the process was even more difficult: gaining approvals, proper billing, and understanding what any gaps in these items meant with respect to their portfolios.

Despite great enhancements in domain registration ease-of-use, some of these problems still persist. By and large, many brand and business owners have struggled with key issues pertaining to the best way to go about managing and registering their domain names.
Thanks to the invention of domain management, these lingering gaps are filled.

First, Let’s Talk Terminology

So far I’ve thrown two terms at you that you may not be familiar with: domain management and domain portfolio. To make things quick and easy, here are some basic definitions and points for each to make your reading a bit easier:

Domain Portfolio ​is exactly what it sounds like: a conglomeration of all your owned domain names. Think of an art portfolio and how it functions essentially of a collection of your work. A domain portfolio is much the same thing, except for domain names.

Domain management ​is a system by which you manage your domain portfolio. Typically, there is a suite of tools available via your domain registrar that allow you to do this quickly and with minimal headaches (stay tuned until the end of the article for more details about this).

With that out of the way, let’s get back to the nitty gritty.

How Does Domain Management Work?

Domain management is entirely catered to you—the brand or business owner. How sweet!

To provide more clarity, domain management works in a myriad of different ways, all dependent on the most important person regarding your domain … you!

For instance, the owner (you) is required to be present for fundamental tasks including, but not limited to, renewing or terminating domain name registration, directing nameservers and hosting providers, and enabling changes to domain names when necessary or required.

This is where domain management comes in. Not only does it maintain your online identity insofar as it is attached to your domain name, but it searches for any similarities that could potentially be harmful to your brand or business. Additionally, it uses analytics to track how your domain performs in web searches.

Security is also a key metric in domain management. It follows a validation process to secure your domain name and its associated IP addresses as well as keeping an eye on suspicious activity regarding the domain itself.

Does Domain Management Make a Difference?

In short, yes!

Any successful online brand or business should understand how important their online presence really is. Maintaining their online presence, and creating a successful one at that, requires them to build and strengthen it. Domain management is effective at this, safely maintaining and managing domain portfolios.

With domain management and its added powers of technology, security, and expertise, it gives any brand or business a leg up in building and maintaining their online presence.

To begin, domain management protects brands and businesses from evolving security threats. As you may know, the Internet can be a scary place at times. It’s highly critical for brand and business owners to make the right choices, whether they pertain to which method is best in regards to their security or how to protect their trademarks.

With the rise of cyber crime and an increasing amount of advanced techniques evolving, there’s the looming threat of brand abuse. Brand abuse is no monkey business, and it can really hurt your critical assets.

Additionally, domain management aids brands and businesses in making intelligent domain registration decisions. Whether it be managing registrations, renewals, reviewing portfolios, deleting unused and unnecessary domains, or merely maintaining domain security, domain management helps in avoiding mismanagement. Not only that, domain management tracks your website’s performance by use of analytics, watching for unauthorized uses and your website’s performance among other elements.

With these managing features, persisting and pertinent issues are able to be addressed and fixed. No longer will brand and business owners suffer headaches over the tedium of micromanaging these personally!

How to Get Started with Domain Management

There is a wide-range of domain management service providers out there. Personally, my favorite is ​​. Not only do they assure your domain’s security, building it up and boosting your online presence, they focus on your brand or business’s marking, product development, and overall success.

The Solution

The Internet is too fast to keep up with. It’s easy to get lost in it all, to mismanage, to allow your domain to become underutilized, unbalanced, or even out of proportion.

Domain management helps you keep your domain portfolio in line. It helps you to keep up with the pace of the Internet, in tow with its latest advances and updates.

You don’t want to fall behind, do you? How about this: maximize your domain portfolio’s value with domain management today!

Domain management can also maximize the value of your domain portfolio. You want to be smart with the way you go about building and strengthening your online business, don’t you? It’s best to optimize, be rational, and hone in on what really creates the best domain portfolio for you.

By not paying attention to your domain portfolio, it can be underutilized, unbalanced, or out of proportion.

When domain management comes into perspective, it aids brand and business owners in not only evaluating, but also improving, the performance of their domain portfolio. This insight is valuable for your business and is exactly what it needs in order to function effectively.

And last but not least, with domain management, you’re able to recapture revenue by reining in the costs to optimize your domain portfolio. With the advanced technology domain management provides at hand, likewise with its expertise and knowledge, your brand or business will be protected whether it comes to revenue or reputation.


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