How To Locate a GPS Tracker On My Vehicle


Where Is a GPS Tracker Found On The Car?

When it comes to secretly tracking a vehicle there is no better solution than a car GPS tracker. What these hidden surveillance tools do is provide a wealth of information related to driving activity like how fast a driver is going, how long they were parked at each location, the addresses of each stop, and so much more. The technology is highly advantageous in industries that require a need for fleet management, automotive security, or system to accurately record driving behaviors. Unfortunately, there are times when the vehicle tracking technology is utilized for unsavory reasons. That is why if you believe someone placed a GPS tracking device on your vehicle our experts are here to show you how to find a hidden GPS tracker on a car!


What Does a Tracker Look Like?

GPS tracking devices are small, compact devices that are often wireless. These devices are typically small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and can sometimes be placed inside a waterproof otter box style container to protect the tracker from the elements. However, many hidden GPS trackers are now designed with exterior magnetic mounts so they can quickly and easily be placed underneath an automobile. According to fleet management company Tracking System Direct, GPS devices are commonly hidden underneath a car, but here are five other places GPS trackers can be found on a vehicle that people should also check:

Top 5 Places To Find A GPS Tracker On Your Car

  1. Plugged into the on board diagnostic port (OBD2)
  2. Tucked underneath the driver/passenger seat of the vehicle
  3. Placed inside the vehicle’s glovebox (typically under some paperwork)
  4. Underneath the vehicle
  5. Hard-wired to the 12-volt system (seek professional help locating the tracker)

Most hidden GPS tracking devices for vehicles operate off an internal power source, allowing the device to function without any type of permanent installation. The trackers also are engineered with motion detection sensors that will place the tracking device into a hibernation mode when an automobile is not moving, reactivating the moment the vehicle begins moving again. This is a feature that allows the car GPS tracker to record and transmit live location data for weeks, if not months.

Knowing where is a GPS tracking device installed on a car is important for anyone concerned that their car might be bugged. So if you think your boss might be unlawfully tracking your work vehicle, husband/wife might be monitoring where you are going, or simply believe you might be the target of unwanted vehicle tracking, please check the above mentioned place to find a GPS tracker on your car. Please note that if you want a more detailed scan of your vehicle that many auto-mechanics and audio installation businesses can provide such a service.

GPS Tracker Detector For Car

So you checked under your vehicle, looked under the seats, opened up the glove box, and scanned your entire vehicle the best you could but still think there is a hidden GPS tracker on your vehicle. So what do you do? The answer is invest in a GPS tracker detector for a car! Detection equipment has the ability to locate the signals being transmitted from real time GPS trackers, which makes it easy to locate and remove the hidden GPS tracking device. However, it must be mentioned, that GPS detection equipment only works to locate live GPS trackers. There are trackers known as GPS data loggers that simply store driving activity, but these systems need to manually be placed and removed from a car. This is the reason they are not commonly used for vehicle surveillance.

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