How to Know Whether You Need an EHS Software or Not


While for small businesses, acquiring an EHS software can be optional, for large companies and organizations, EHS software is already considered a necessity. EHS which stands for “Environment, Health, and Safety” is a discipline that aims to ensure that every workplace is safe and harmless for the employees. On a legal standpoint, EHS also makes sure that every company or organization complies with the health and safety standards and regulations imposed by the government. EHS software makes compliance and EHS monitoring easier and its target users are the companies, organizations, and the members thereof

Every business’s topmost concern should be safety. Not only this favors the employees, it also helps every business run operations smoothly and safely. There are states that employ strong campaigns and measures of promoting EHS to ensure that every state’s worker’s wellbeing and health are valued. Hence, with an EHS software, companies and organizations can gauge the company’s safety rules and procedures’ effectiveness easier and better. Moreover, EHS software makes it possible for organizations and businesses to be constantly compliant with the legislated rules and regulations even if the latter changes from time to time.

What is an EHS Software?

EHS software is a program which has features and functions that can help achieve the goals of EHS discipline. It serves as a decision support system that can be directly integrated to the company’s operations and makes sure that any business operations are carried out without breaking the law. A basic EHS software features automated recording of incidents, reports generation, and other facilities relevant to measuring the company’s EHS performance.

Companies oftentimes task a regulatory team to overlook and implement EHS policies. As EHS requirements changes from time to time brought about by the updates in the stately EHS standards, this regulatory team will be using EHS software the most in making sure that the company is continuously and promptly compliant to the regularly changing EHS standards.

EHS software also helps in insurance policy management. With the huge size of data and information relevant to health and safety that are stored in the software, companies can now easily generate reports that are to be essentially taken into account when optimizing health and life plans for their employees. And on top of all these, with EHS software’s help, companies can now track and prevent incidents more by ensuring that the state’s standards are met in any business operations.

The Value of EHS software in A Company

Manual processes which involve data recording are tedious, error-prone, and time consuming. Without any system support, a company can hardly keep up. The same applies for EHS discipline. EHS management not only requires storage and maintenance of EHS related data, the company also has to ensure that any changes in the regulatory EHS laws are communicated and taken into account in their company policy. This is where EHS software becomes necessary. Having it means your company can enjoy these benefits:

  1. Better Regulatory Compliance – Several states and agencies mandate that health and safety of employees conducting business operations should be upheld at all times. Part of this move is monitoring business firms, especially large companies, closely. This means every company has to be compliant to these laws and standards and timely reports and updates on the business’s status in terms of EHS are given. Depending on the company and its business requirements, state institutions may require daily, weekly, monthly, or just yearly EHS report, a function that a basic EHS software features. With only a few clicks, the EHS software can already generate and email these reports to the regulatory bodies. Without this system support, regulatory compliance can be extremely tedious.
  2. Boosts Employee Morale – The success of any business lies on its employees. Environmentally speaking, an EHS software facilitates a simplified EHS management to lessen any business operation’s environmental impact and eradicate hazards and dangers with the best aim to entirely prevent accidents and incidents. If the employee finds out that his employer is seriously promoting EHS and other efforts to take care of their health, welfare, and the environment, boosted self-esteem, confidence, efficiency, and overall morale will surely follow.
  3. Employees’ Higher Efficiency in Business Operations – With better self-esteem and confidence levels, any field employee will likely become more motivated to work, thus achieving higher efficiency. Meanwhile, the company’s safety and regulatory teams whose work involves ensuring that the company conforms to the ever changing rules and regulations and maintaining a zero injury rate at the same time can now take a breather and proceed on other tasks; thanks to EHS software’s automation perk. With an EHS software, every company can now reflect the legislative changes into their own EHS policies way faster.
  4. Sustainability – A good EHS software facilitates sustainable EHS practices. With this, a company’s safety and regulatory team can better promote a safe and healthy environment not just for employees but for company visitors and customers as well. The more advanced types of EHS software can even feature forecasting, risk analysis, and timely reporting which help the management identify risks easier, thereby preventing their corresponding dangers. When these risks are eradicated, sustainability can be more experienced.
  5. More Loyal Customers – Business operations run especially by large companies can be exposed more to hazards and risks and this is not a secret to the community. Hence, with good EHS practice supported by an efficient EHS software, once customers witness that employees are well treated and valued and that the company is adequately taking efforts to take care of the environment, they will surely not mind patronizing on the business’s products and services. To put it simply, a good and visible EHS discipline offers a win-win solution not just for the employees but in retaining loyal customers as well.
  6. More Profit – All businesses operate to earn. When customer loyalty is boosted and expenses for injury related accidents are reduced, potential savings can be realized, thus more income are generated for the company. Studies show that companies who use EHS software have become more active and serious in implementing EHS discipline and as a result, a decrease in injury rates of up to 40% was noted. To the eyes of the businessmen, this is already means big savings that their company must not let pass.

Small businesses may think spending for an expensive EHS software is not necessary as the size of their company does not justify the need but because the continuous stately campaigns to address growing concerns about the deteriorating health, environment, and lifestyle of the populace, an EHS software may still be a necessity in the future.

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